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Whether or not you’re making plans a date along with your SO this February 14th, gearing up for a Galentine’s celebration or dreading the upcoming Unmarried Consciousness Day, there’s at all times room for fangirling over your Okay-pop overwhelm! What are you looking ahead to? Take our quiz to determine which Okay-pop cutie could be a fit made in heaven for you.

1. Pals would describe you as:

  1. Assured
  2. Lovable
  3. Elegant
  4. Calm

2. What’s maximum vital in a dating?

  1. Being considerate of the opposite individual
  2. Supporting each and every different and staying unswerving
  3. Keeping up excellent verbal exchange
  4. Being loyal to one another

3. What are some leisure pursuits you wish to have to experience in combination?

  1. Biking, mountain mountaineering and ice skating
  2. Taking photos, touring and consuming at in style eating places
  3. Drawing, studying and tidying up at house
  4. Taking part in piano and basketball

4. Which outfit do you want to look your Valentine’s date in?

5. Your date calls forward to mention he has a comfy day deliberate. What do you put on?

6. Pick out a bag for your favourite colour:

7. Your date alternatives you up in a automotive. What song are you going to hear at the experience?

  1. Vintage rap from Eminem and Kanye West
  2. Anything else from Michael Jackson, India Arie or Javier
  3. R&B and soul jams, particularly the ones from Eric Benét
  4. Hip-hop and R&B hits from Usher and Justin Timberlake

8. At a Korean eating place for dinner, what dish do you order?

  1. Kalguksu (knife-cut noodles)
  2. Sundubu-jjigae (cushy tofu stew)
  3. Galbi-jjim (braised pork quick ribs)
  4. Jeyuk bokkeum (highly spiced stir-fried beef)

9. You finish the night time at a drive-in theater. Which film would you each watch?

  1. Everlasting Sunshine of the Spotless Thoughts
  2. Middle of the night in Paris
  3. Transformers
  4. Attractiveness and the Beast

10. Finally, pick out your woman overwhelm Korean famous person:

  1. Soloist Younha
  2. Lady’s Day’s Minah
  3. Actress Cross Joon-hee
  4. Singer-songwriter IU


If you were given most commonly As…


The chief of BTS is without doubt one of the most renowned Okay-pop stars on the earth. As such, the rapper has expressed a eager for an “atypical faculty pupil date” that feels out of achieve for him, one consisting of straightforward actions like gazing a film, consuming out and going for a stroll on the park. His ultimate sort is considerate, assured and clever. RM has additionally admitted that he unearths any person dressed in high-tops very captivating. If you happen to’re into a laugh leisure pursuits like biking, mountain mountaineering and ice skating, you’ll have a blast with him!

If you were given most commonly Bs…


Chief of GOT7 and previous b-boy JB hopes that his long term SO might be lovable, unswerving, supportive and true to oneself. On taste, he prefers any person who clothes in informal streetwear. Incessantly mischaracterized as chilly and hard, this idol is in fact a significant softie who dotes on his 3 cats: Nora, Kunta and Ordinary! JB’s leisure pursuits come with gazing motion pictures, taking photos, touring and consuming at in style eating places, so that you’re positive to experience stress-free and aesthetic dates with him.

If you were given most commonly Cs…

NU’EST’s Minhyun

In spite of debuting in NU’EST in 2012, Minhyun handiest rose to reputation in 2017 when he competed in Produce 101 Season 2 and gained a place in Wanna One’s ultimate line-up. The singer is understood to be a neat freak who loves organizing his house, cleansing and dusting, and doing laundry. As such, he’s discussed that his different part has so that you could settle for those quirks. His ultimate sort is a groovy, city-chic persona who can cook dinner smartly and is excited about style.

If you were given most commonly Ds…

NCT’s Jaehyun

Amusing truth: Jaehyun’s birthday coincides with Valentine’s Day, so it’s no marvel that he’s a hopeless romantic! He’s in search of any person who’s calm, lovable, type, loyal and a excellent communicator in a dating. He additionally hopes his SO might be into sports activities, since he’s athletic himself. The taekwondo black belt holder and avid basketball participant set the absolute best bowling file in Idol Superstar Athletics Championship historical past in 2019.


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