WEBINAR: PLAY! The next day to come's Tropical Towns: Digital Excursion and Discussion


Sign up for us for an interactive guided excursion of the PLAY! The next day to come’s Tropical Towns’ exhibition and achieve better insights into the inventive concepts at the back of the mission! Pay attention from the each the curators and featured creatives/studios as they enlarge on their processes thru a snappy sharing consultation and Q&A.

PLAY! – The next day to come’s Tropical Towns’, is an exhibition that explores the idea that of ‘Play’ within the context of the longer term tropical city. That includes leading edge concepts of subsequent era designers from across the area and past, the exhibition is a reaction to the disruptions of rising virtual era on our towns.

The PLAY! The next day to come’s Tropical Towns exhibition is ongoing on the Nationwide Design Centre from 2 – 31 October 2020.

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