Watch Me Design A Style Assortment 1: Inspiration


Welcome to my latest collection: Watch Me Design A Style Assortment. It is a little self-explanatory. I will be designing a set, every now and then I will narrate so much, communicate you via my procedure, every now and then I will simply let y’all watch me paintings.

I observe the Style Design Procedure I train in colleges and right here on YouTube, however this collection may not be a 1 video = 1 step within the design procedure layout. I’mma move as gradual as I need!

On this first installment, I talk about what I have been discovering inspiring in recent times and the way I am going about accumulating photographs.

If you wish to be told the Style Design Procedure, take a look at this playlist right here:

Watch all of the Watch Me Design A Style Assortment collection right here:

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