watch boston dynamics’ maximum complex humanoid atlas robotic in motion


boston dynamics published two spectacular behind-the-scenes movies, shooting their altas robotic in motion. they display the way it maneuvers, leaps, somersaults, and backflips, in addition to falls over and crushes the bottom. pushing the humanoid robotic to its limits, the corporate’s engineers advanced new actions animated through human behaviors, exploring the following era of mobility, belief, and athletic abilities. throughout the parkour motion, we see atlas robots finishing the complicated impediment direction nearly flawlessly.all pictures courtesy of boston dynamics



in the second one video, boston dynamics‘ engineers supply an analysis of atlas’ features. atlas’ complex regulate machine and {hardware}, provide the robotic with the ability and stability to display human-level agility. the robotic is adapting its behaviors in line with what it sees, through repeating the parkour workout. through this, no pre-programming of all imaginable motions is needed, however as an alternative, the group outlined a smaller set of habits templates that may be associated with the surroundings.



‘it may be irritating now and again, the robots weigh down so much, it’s no longer the robotic simply magically deciding to parkour, it’s roughly choreographed regimen, similar to a skateboard video or a parkour video, the place it’s an athlete that’s practiced those strikes dozen or loads of instances to get to that thrilling top point capacity,’ states benjamin stephens, atlas regulate lead within the video. ‘we be informed so much with regards to the way to construct robots that may continue to exist falling on their face and getting again out of bed it once more. we additionally be informed so much concerning the habits, the regulate, the article that places one foot in entrance of the opposite’.





atlas has one of the vital global’s maximum compact cell hydraulic techniques. its complex regulate machine allows extremely numerous and agile locomotion, whilst algorithms reason why thru complicated dynamic interactions involving the entire frame and surroundings to plot actions. atlas makes use of three-D published portions to present it the strength-to-weight ratio important for leaps and the world's most advanced humanoid atlas robot by boston dynamics in action

watch the world's most advanced humanoid atlas robot by boston dynamics in action



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identify: atlas robotic

corporate: boston dynamics

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aug 18, 2021

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