vitas crafts a living in argentina from clustered, stone volumes


a contemporary relic


in birthday party of the stone break, argentina-based studio nanzer | vitas builds its casa DP in córdoba. the group notes, ‘all structure carries implicitly its vocation of break,’ spotting that this sort of situation is structure’s ultimate shape when it in the end returns to nature. the group designs the house to echo the bodily expression of the incomplete, what time and inclemency transforms, and the techniques wherein the constructed house progressively dissolves into the panorama.

pictures through gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte



a medieval streetscape through nanzer | vitas


constructed of concrete and stone, nanzer | vitas (see extra)  designs its casa DP to signify a herbal landform rising from the hill. the clustered volumes of various heights and sloping roofs are articulated through strategic voids, patios, passages and interstices, which at the outdoor give position and maintain the species from the native wooded area. in the meantime towards the inner, the clustered paperwork resemble a medieval streetscape.


the primary circulate path connects the outside immediately to the center of the home. it takes form as a wonderfully horizontal concrete quantity — with the land sloping downward and away, this circulate field turns into a suspended beam, terminating in an image window that frames the sky. the architects remark: ‘each and every time anyone enters or leaves the home executes involuntarily the archaic gesture of taking a look on the firmament, the vertical infinity that provides us again the best scale of our changing into on the subject of the universe.’

casa DP nanzer vitas



the group of casa dp


the circulate quantity bridges the asymmetric topography and articulates all of the areas of the home. occupants will move via this house to get entry to any level of the home. because of this, it takes a central position within the mission, giving continuity to the outside panorama from within the home via perforations that result in inner or exterior gardens, making a transition environment between the outdoor and the home environments.


a ‘primary passage’ that hyperlinks, orders and results in the remainder of rooms, horizontally and vertically because it is hooked up to the primary staircase in its intermediate relaxation — a typological resolution that leaves each the upstairs rooms and the bottom flooring rooms with their very own products and services, all the time equidistant and at a part stage from the primary assembly house, which is ready across the kitchen and a fire.

casa DP nanzer vitasnanzer | vitas echoes a ruinous fortress in argentina with its stone-clad casa DPnanzer | vitas echoes a ruinous fortress in argentina with its stone-clad casa DP

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