thilina liyanage balances his ‘ocean cabin’ atop a rocky coast


sri lanka-based fashion designer thilina liyanage envisions a compact ‘ocean cabin’ living, delicately suspended atop a coastal panorama. the tiny cabin is expressed as a faceted quantity, suggesting a continuation of the rocky landforms underneath. whilst the structure celebrates the formal language of its herbal context, the constructed shape does now not search to combine into it. the paintings as a substitute separates itself, introducing an environment of entire isolation — this high quality is exaggerated with its location atop a big rock, in a similar way indifferent from the bottom.

style and visualization © thilina liyanage | @thilinaliyanage

through emphasizing the remoted nature of his ‘ocean cabin,’ architect thilina liyanage introduces an enjoy ruled through stream. coming near the living, whose web page extends previous the beach, the customer should ascend a couple of flights of stairs which hug the rock. within, the double-height internal is occupied through a last flight of stairs which lead from a lofty residing house to the intimate mezzanine sound asleep space. the compact internal is spread out with a dramatic, complete top wall of glazing having a look outward to the cliffs and ocean horizon. even the sound asleep house, nestled into the uppermost height of the A-frame, is opened from above through a faceted skylight.

thilina liyanage ocean cabinthilina liyanage ocean cabinthilina liyanage ocean cabinthilina liyanage ocean cabin

mission information:

mission identify: ocean cabin

structure: thilina liyanage | @thilinaliyanage

of completion: 2021

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