The brand new Huawei smartwatch will retailer earbuds within


(Pocket-lint) – A hands-on video has printed a abnormal new Huawei product that makes use of a smartwatch as a charging case for earbuds, aptly named the Huawei Watch Buds.

As peculiar as it sort of feels, it might in fact turn out moderately to hand. On the very least it is one much less factor to keep in mind to fee, and it will additionally avoid wasting precious pocket area.

To start with, we assumed this may be some roughly crowd pleasing tech demo, wowing folks at a display like CES, however destined to by no means hit the retail cabinets.

Alternatively, Huawei has stated the lifestyles of its Watch Buds for the reason that video went up. The emblem posted a teaser video on its Weibo account that displays a glimpse of the watch sooner than promising a disclose on December 2 2022.


Sadly, this tournament has now been behind schedule, reportedly as an indication of admire to former CCP Normal Secretary Jiang Zemin, who passed on to the great beyond on November 30.

Because of this we’re going to want to wait a little bit longer to be informed extra, however the tease has undoubtedly piqued our hobby.

What we will inform nowadays is that the design is paying homage to the Huawei Watch GT 3 series, with a digital crown and a slight curve to the display.

There’s a decent chance that this product could make its way to Europe, too. Notebookcheck reports that Huawei has sought a European trademark for the device.

As is the norm for Huawei devices, it’ll likely first launch in China, before coming to other regions a few months later. Whatever the case may be, we’re looking forward to learning more.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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