studio] [space nestles black barn office into the dutch landscape


black-stained wood facades enclose place of business within the netherlands


Surrounded by way of the wild nature of the dutch the city Goirle, the Black Barn designed by way of studio] [space architecten is an inspiring hidden workplace for landscape architects. Located in Abcovenseweg, the Netherlands, the office project aims for a modest but high-quality construction that draws all attention to the surrounding landscape. The structure presents a closed character on the street side while opening up its volume toward the adjacent river. Enthusiastic about integrating nature into their design, the team lets flora and fauna take over merging the construction with the greenery and providing numerous nest boxes on the facade.


Designed as an abstract barn volume with black-stained wooden facades and a zinc roof, in a larger context, the structure stands on a historic ribbon development. The volume resembles the shape of a barn, including a recessed building line, an integration that befits the site, while the front presents itself as a modest, closed volume. The exposed glazed facade puts up a system of vertical wooden slats that form a translucent effect at dusk, assembling an extra layering and showing a glimpse of studio life to the outside

solid facade of black wood opens up a view of the inside through the planks | all images by Koen van Damme



black barn hosts a workspace for landscape architects


The interior layout of the barn is understated and open, yet presents one prominent element of a large closet cutting through the entire studio from top to bottom dividing the space. All the functions form around the bookcase construction that, also, incorporates temporary installations and architectural drawings and equipment. The case frames the kitchen area shaping a modestly finished worktop and providing space for books, samples, and models. Familiar with the needs of an architectural office, studio] [space collaborates with the clients at landscape design firm Studio REDD, meeting the goal of an inspiring workspace integrated into the natural environment. Eventually, both reside in the black barn hosting both practices respectfully, proceeding to work on new projects at the interface of architecture, interior, and landscape. 

studio] [space nestles black barn-shaped office into the dutch landscape
view from the garden, nest boxes for birds and bats are integrated into the wooden facade

studio] [space nestles black barn-shaped office into the dutch landscape
large planters and an outdoor fireplace adorn the concrete terrace

black barn office
overlooking the river, the black barn illuminates warm lighting from within

black barn office
the black barn office merges with the surrounding wild greenery

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