SML builds an extruded triangular quantity in line with the appropriate of daylight



soseum is an elongated triangular mass


seoul-based structure studio SML in collaboration with at coom companions designed ‘soseum’, a residential mission characterised via its extruded roof that takes form as a pointy triangle. situated in mapo-gu in south korea, the construction is surrounded via low-rise residential structures manufactured from bricks and the dangin-ri energy plant, which dates again to 1930.


all structures in those residential spaces are topic to the indirect line for the appropriate of daylight within the due north path. that implies that this proper impacts the form, orientation, shape, and borders round every quantity. spaning 5,6 meters in width and 17 meters in period via actively accommodating the criminal restrictions, it takes shape as an elongated construction, adopting a singular quantity. all pictures courtesy of SML



SML designs an area for lively interactions


each the facet of setback laws in due north path and the elevation of the development stick with a parallel aircraft. the architects (see extra right here) designed this quantity to care for the directionality that such an extending slope and a vertical wall meet in combination and prolong it additional with out a interruption, growing concurrently peaked internal house. along side the extruded opening that overlooks the encircling surroundings, triangle-shaped balconies body a pleasant small open-air house the place the population can benefit from the view.


lots of the surrounding structures had principally outer partitions with minimal home windows, and likewise there may be a scarcity of public areas for interplay — akin to parks. with this in thoughts, the architects sought to create an area for versatile and lively interactions via giving a respiring room via taking flight from the frontal highway and increasing the steps to the general public area and opening the elevation.SML builds an extruded triangular residential volume in south korea, according to the right of sunlight


the architects deliberate the soseum as an open elevation towards the alley. it contributes to a advent of a vivid side road atmosphere via designing the elevation dealing with the road to be a large window. in addition they designed the eave in order that the daylight can also be adjusted in line with the season via increasing the elevation so as to cut back the daylight load in the summertime because of the top and vast entrance home windows.

SML builds an extruded triangular residential volume in south korea, according to the right of sunlight
keep an eye on of daylight

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