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This yr, we attempted out a large number of amusing and efficacious skincare merchandise on Small Communicate. It’s no secret that sheet mask are a Small Communicate staple, because the YesStylist editors have reviewed ones from Mediheal, Crystal Masks and Sweet O’Girl. Earlier than 2020 ends, we made up our minds to take a look at one ultimate moisturizing sheet masks from BELLAMONSTER, a logo that none folks had trialed but. To handle the transparent absence in frame care merchandise on Small Communicate, we additionally picked a frame care merchandise!

Very best-known for its award-winning resolution pads, BELLAMONSTER recently provides 5 product strains (Tension Out Answer, Delicate Care Answer, Blemish Care Answer, UV Lower Answer and D-Day Answer) that remedy quite a lot of pores and skin considerations the use of delicate formulation and of course derived components. This time round, we put the D-Day Answer Pores and skin Are compatible Masks and Frame Care Answer Honey Frame Pad to the check. The previous is a coconut pores and skin have compatibility sheet masks filled with 95% naturally derived essence to moisturize and plump pores and skin whilst smoothing superb strains and wrinkles. The latter is a glove-shaped exfoliating frame pad filled with moisturizing components and honey extract to nourish and situation pores and skin, in addition to centella asiatica extract to calm delicate pores and skin and repair its stability. Learn on for our ideas in this Korean logo and its distinctive frame care product!

Sarah: Aside from all of the skincare we’ve been attempting in recent times, how has everybody been taking care of their frame? Particularly because it’s gotten a lot chillier and drier. ?

Dianne: Been surfing! I’m no longer in point of fact certain the place initially frame care with the exception of frame lotion tbh. ?

Michelle: Precisely! I’ve been slathering on numerous frame lotion – however my pores and skin’s nonetheless crying out for extra moisture. ?

Romy: I’ve began incorporating frame care into my day by day regimen because the chilly climate isn’t serving to my dry pores and skin!

Zoe: I’ve been beautiful diligent with moisturizing my face however too lazy to correctly duvet myself in frame lotion. ? I depend at the occasional leftover essences from my sheet mask, and possibly observe moisturizers on dry patches! Wager I want to do higher, haha.

Sarah: I’ve been eyeing this frame pad that you simply in truth put on as a glove and therapeutic massage in every single place your frame! I’ve by no means observed the rest find it irresistible. ?

Michelle: Ooooo… I’m intrigued.

Zoe: Let’s check out!

Romy: I really like the speculation of this!

Dianne: It rings a bell in my memory of the ones Korean frame scrubs!

Sarah: Yay, let’s do it! We will be able to check out it at the side of this sheet masks for double the moisture.

Sarah: I’m logo new to BELLAMONSTER, and I’ve been received over after attempting those two merchandise! What did you ladies suppose?

Zoe: Omg, I preferred them higher than expected. ? The speculation of the use of them each in combination on the similar time is ?.

Romy: Identical! I wasn’t anticipating to like them up to I did, particularly the honey frame pad.

Michelle: Yeah, to start with I discovered it humorous how the frame pad resembles an oven glove, however wow it used to be tremendous soothing! Surely offered.

Zoe: I used to be apprehensive it will have that beer-like honey odor, like all of the different honey-infused skincare merchandise, but it surely in truth smells and feels tremendous refreshing! Guessing it’s the centella?

Dianne: Sure, the honey frame pad is a undeniable repurchase! I really like that there are two holes for the thumbs so you’ll be able to use all sides simply. ?

Romy: Haha, I really like the way it suits like a glove. I’ve keratosis pilaris (KP) on my fingers and the use of the frame pad made my pores and skin so cushy and gave it simply the correct quantity of moisture. I believe Zoe ­– it smells refreshing!

Sarah: I really like the design of the frame pad because it’s tremendous simple to make use of! It made my pores and skin really feel well-cleansed, cushy and easy – at the side of a delicate, healthy-looking glow!

Zoe: I used to be anticipating it to really feel like a sheet masks, but it surely used to be extra like a large toner pad to your frame! It wasn’t as drippingly moisturizing as I imagined, however defo hydrating sufficient for my dry patches. ?

Romy: Identical right here! I assumed it will be a multitude to make use of with extra essence dripping in all places, however I’m satisfied it used to be the other.

Dianne: The dripping honey at the packaging made us suppose it used to be gonna be sopping in essence. ?

Michelle: I really like the way it’s tremendous simple to get all the ones hard-to-reach bits! Only a fast rub and my pores and skin’s totally moisturized – little need for creams and scrubs!

Sarah: I on occasion use toner pads on my frame LOL, so that is a solution to my prayers! I 2d Michelle’s level about hard-to-reach puts. Surely helpful for tenting journeys and the like. ?

Romy: True, the use of a frame pad is much less of a trouble than scrubbing my frame within the bathe and cleansing up the mess afterwards.

Dianne: That is über handy, despite the fact that my pores and skin felt quite sticky after the essence totally dried. Did you guys revel in the similar factor? ?

Zoe: That’s odd ? I discovered the completing excellent, and non-sticky!

Romy: Oh in point of fact? I didn’t revel in that. My pores and skin felt easy and hydrated.

Sarah: I discovered it quite sticky proper once I implemented it, but it surely dried off to a barely-there end tremendous temporarily!

Michelle: Identical! In truth, what I preferred about it used to be how non-sticky it used to be!

Zoe: Did any one use the frame resolution whilst dressed in the D-Day Pores and skin Answer Pores and skin Are compatible Masks? Very best of each worlds. ?

Romy: I used them one at a time, however now I want I used them on the similar time!

Dianne: Even supposing the frame pad used to be quite sticky to me, it wasn’t as sticky because the masks. ?

Sarah: Omg, the feel used to be SUPER thick and rubbery, so it used to be demanding to open up the sheet and get it on my face. ? However afterwards, it grew on me as it’s sooo easy and suits at the contours of my face effectively! I additionally idea the essence used to be in point of fact moisturizing and had a mild and herbal odor!

Dianne: Sooooo goooey! Shaking the packaging used to be amusing however unraveling the masks used to be no longer. The masks itself used to be wonderful! I really like the hydrogel texture, however the essence… I used to be no longer 100% on board. ?

Romy: Haha, I loved the shaking phase too. The use of the masks used to be SUCH a battle. I used to be attempting my perfect to be as delicate as imaginable as a result of I used to be scared I’d tear the masks whilst opening it up. ? With regards to the feel, I cherished how thick it used to be, but it surely didn’t take a seat effectively on my pores and skin. It used to be method too sticky for me.

Zoe: It used to be fiddly to place on to start with, but it surely’s simple to easy out air bubbles as soon as it’s on. ? It jogged my memory of the GPS masks from TROIAREUKE I used ages in the past! I really like coconut sheet mask. They really feel so silky on pores and skin and the adherence is ❤.

Michelle: OH YEAH, I used to be so certain I used to be gonna damage a superbly just right masks within the means of unfolding it! That apart, I did love the way it adhered to my face – it felt nearly hermetic. ?

Zoe: Btw, I discovered the have compatibility a little bit larger than standard. Did any one else have that downside? The masks saved masking my most sensible lip regardless of how I moved it lol.

Dianne: When do I NOT have that downside? ?

Romy: Haha, it used to be somewhat giant for me too. I couldn’t communicate with the masks on. In a different way, I’d finally end up consuming the essence. ?

Zoe: I even put one on my boyfriend (he’s were given a far larger face and maximum sheet mask are small on him), and he had the similar downside!

Sarah: Oh no, I assumed it have compatibility beautiful effectively LOL… With the exception of it roughly drooped on my eyes and were given some essence in them. ?

Michelle: It most commonly have compatibility, however I had the similar downside as Sarah! I needed to mess around with the sheet a few instances to forestall the essence from trickling into my eyes.

Dianne: Omg no! However however, there’s such a lot essence. It’s perfect to make use of it mendacity down so it doesn’t transfer a lot!

Romy: Did it sting your eyes?

Michelle: No longer in particular, fortunately! That apart, I nonetheless in finding it an attractive just right masks! I awoke the next day to come and my pores and skin appeared all easy and shiny~

Romy: I agree, it’s a just right one for iciness. My pores and skin felt very hydrated and plump afterwards. ?

Dianne: Surely~ Even though out of the 2, the frame pad used to be my fave. ?

Romy: Identical! I want to repurchase the entire set of the frame pad.

Sarah: If I had to select a product to take a look at once more, it’d prob be the sheet masks! The houttuynia cordata water labored its wonders to offer me easy and moisturized pores and skin, and I’m a big sucker for its have compatibility! Additionally curious to peer what results it’d have on superb strains and wrinkles~

Zoe: That is my first time attempting the rest from BELLAMONSTER and I’m defo excited to take a look at its different stuff! I heard the answer toner pads are beautiful just right too! There’s one for each pores and skin fear. ?

Romy: I’ve been eyeing the ones toner pads too, particularly the Tension Out Answer Pad!

Michelle: The frame pad used to be a transparent winner for me, however now I’m tremendous intrigued through the toner pads! Extra stuff so as to add to my unending want listing. ?


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