riding the human shortlists seven initiatives for brand new tactics to co-inhabit on the earth




final october riding the human unveiled 21 visions for eco-social renowal at the instance of its berlin competition. the ones ideas explored the connections between generation and nature, artifcial intelligence and round financial system, new modes of manufacturing, indigenous knowledges, bacterial and interplanetary views. now the analysis venture has picked seven ultimate initiatives which can be evolved all over 2022.


this option opens up the following level of the multi-year transdisciplinary venture riding the human. the following milestone is a mentorship match in munich, from december 10–12, 2021. beneath the seven ultimate initiatives:

do AIs dream of local weather chaos – iris qu


do AIs dream of local weather chaos


during the last few many years, the tech business has overindexed at the existential danger of synthetic intelligence whilst overlooking the doomsday situations subsidized through local weather science. even though maximum AIs manifest as device system studying algorithms, they rely on an ubiquitous {hardware} infrastructure requiring consistent human upkeep and temperature regulate. given enough knowledge, a self-aware ai agent would possibly very most likely acknowledge the need of radical exchange to stop its {hardware} failure. do AIs dream of local weather chaos speculates a long term during which a man-made intelligence agent spends all its computing assets processing local weather chaos, in an  makes an attempt to compute a long term the place people, ecosystems, and machines reside in cohesion.



driving the human shortlists seven projects for new ways to co-inhabit on the planet
human-bacteria interfaces – anne-sofie belling, bea delgado corrales, romy kaiser and paula nerlich




the human-bacteria interfaces (hbi) idea examines how multimodal interactions between people and microbes can elicit novel tactics for people to “meaningfully” collaborate and coexist with the nonhuman inside the constructed surroundings. particularly, hbis are tangible, dwelling interfaces consisting of microbial consortia that have interaction or reply to stimuli from their atmosphere through emitting indicators out there to people via contact, scent and sight. those dwelling interfaces are envisioned as a part of an “ambient dwelling intelligence” as they reply and have interaction with the rhythm of its human population and atmosphere.



driving the human shortlists seven projects for new ways to co-inhabit on the planet
monsters and ghosts of the a ways north: in opposition to an inclusive cartography – andra pop-jurj and lena geerts




the arctic is a website online of intense geopolitical and infrastructural intrigue, with incompatible and interlocking border claims rooted in colonial and cartographic historical past. monsters and ghosts of the a ways north questions present notions of sovereignty and demanding situations the permanence of nationwide borders and the primacy of the countryside, thereby reconceptualizing the contested geopolitics of land possession within the area.


driving the human shortlists seven projects for new ways to co-inhabit on the planet
sedekah benih – vincent rumahloine and mang dian




sadaqah comes from the arabic phrase sadaqah, which means that giving voluntarily. seeds are seeds, seedlings are small crops. sedekah seed tries to construct protected areas and relationships between other folks from quite a lot of backgrounds on-line and offline via collective reminiscences of crops. during the process of distributing seeds to the individuals of the sedekah sedekah, the individuals attempted to search out and discover the general public’s reminiscence of tiis leungeun (an individual proficient in farming). sedekah benih tries to search out and record the standard wisdom about ecology in society handed down from era to era via artwork and media. we see that this conventional wisdom may also be realized, evolved, and shared to resolve the present local weather exchange downside. sedekah benih is composed of 3 levels: seed variety, seed rising and care, and the harvest competition. we’re these days in the second one level.


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