Pipes: A Software For Remixing the Internet


Google Tech Talks
April 2, 2007


Pipes is a provider platform for processing well-structured knowledge akin to RSS, Atom and RDF feeds in a Internet-based visible programming setting. Builders can use Pipes to mix knowledge resources and person enter into mashups with no need to write down code. Those mashups, analogous in many ways to Unix pipes, can energy badges on non-public publishing websites, supply core capability for Internet packages, or function reusable elements inside the Pipes platform itself.

Here is what Tim O’Reilly says about pipes: “Yahoo!’s new Pipes provider is a milestone within the historical past of the web. It is a provider that generalizes the speculation of the mashup, offering a drag and drop editor that permits you to attach web knowledge resources, procedure them, and redirect the output.”

Audio system: Pasha Sadri & Jonathan Trevor of Yahoo!

Google engEDU
Audio system: Pasha Sadri & Jonathan Trevor



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