luigi snozzi, the acclaimed swiss architect, passes away elderly 88


swiss architect luigi snozzi has passed on to the great beyond on the age of 88. snozzi used to be born in mendrisio within the south of switzerland and labored in the community, basically the use of uncovered concrete, within the locarno and lugano areas. the architect is very much revered within the box, with paulo mendes da rocha describing snozzi as a ‘very shut pal’ and an architect he held in ‘nice esteem’ in a designboom interview from 2007. in a similar fashion, david chipperfield referenced snozzi when requested which architects he maximum admired in an interview from 2014.

symbol by means of wojciech kaczura (CC BY-SA 3.0) | video courtesy of prix meret oppenheim



in a video filmed at the instance of snozzi receiving the swiss grand award for artwork / prix meret oppenheim in 2018, the architect stated that, as a result of he all the time cherished drawing, he firstly sought after to be a painter. alternatively, as he needed to fortify his massive circle of relatives he discovered a ‘compromise’ with structure. ‘an architect has to have a sense of right and wrong so that you could paintings,’ snozzi stated. ‘an architect and not using a sense of right and wrong is a crisis. a threat to the general public.’


the unhappy information of snozzi’s passing used to be introduced by means of swiss radio station RSI, with the architect contracting COVID-19 in opposition to the tip of his existence.

luigi snozzi, the acclaimed swiss architect, passes away aged 88
casa kalman by means of luigi snozzi | symbol by means of hans-juergen.breuning (CC BY-SA 3.0)

philip stevens I designboom

dec 30, 2020

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