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(Pocket-lint) – There are not an ideal many high-resolution gaming headsets in the market, however the units that do exist could make an actual distinction in your gaming revel in. That additional audio vary supplies extra immersion and in addition is helping with such things as listening to footsteps in aggressive shooters.

The Asus ROG Delta S sports activities a high-resolution Quad DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) and MQA generation that guarantees “true to lifestyles” audio. So on paper it will have to be improbable, however is it? Now we have been gaming and being attentive to to find out.

Light-weight at ease design with RGB

  • Removable microphone
  • Light-weight 300g body
  • Braided 1.5m USB-C cable, 1m USB 2.zero adapter
  • ROG Hybrid ear cushions / protein leather-based cushions with fast-cool reminiscence foam padding

The very first thing that struck us in regards to the Asus ROG Delta S upon dressed in it for the primary time used to be the relief. This headset comes with a versatile headscarf and earcup design that extends effectively over the top and sits in a lovely far more than the ears. However extra importantly, it sports activities D-shaped ergonomic ear cushions, with a selection of both a protein leather-based or ROG Hybrid end subsidized by means of fast-cool reminiscence foam padding.


Each those ear cushions are incorporated within the field, providing you with a selection of what to make use of – however they are similarly at ease in our thoughts. The protein leather-based cushions do a greater activity of blocking off out exterior noise regardless that, this means that you’ll focal point at the sound.

The D-shaped cushions are compatible effectively over the ears and they are each deep and vast sufficient not to put useless power in your ears both. This, blended with the effectively padded headscarf and the light-weight over ear design, lead to a headset that is at ease to put on all day for paintings after which into the night time for gaming.

Convenience and comfort pass hand-in-hand with this headset. As usual it has a USB-C connection, this means that you’ll use it along with your Android telephone or Nintendo Transfer and nonetheless get nice sound. However, there is an adapter that converts it to USB-A comfortably, which means you’ll attach it to much more units. The removable mic additionally will provide you with the selection of whether or not you utilize the supplied one or go for one thing exterior.

At the out of doors of the headset there is a few RGB lights zones on every earcup: a hoop across the outer plate and the ROG emblem. This lights may also be adjusted throughout the Armoury Crate device – there is a couple of other results together with static, respiring, strobe, color cycle and, in fact, rainbow. The headset itself additionally has a {hardware} button to set it to 3 other modes – on, off or soundwave. Soundwave makes the lighting fixtures reply in your voice if you end up speaking, which may enchantment to streamers.


Something we had been inspired with is the RGB lights works even if plugged right into a smartphone, which is a slightly odd characteristic. So sure, you’ll have RGB at the pass with this headset. For those who in reality need to sing their own praises your interest for gaming when out of doors the home. However there is the technique to flip it off too if you do not need to appear to be a cell disco.

Pleasurable high-resolution audio

  • 50mm Neodymium magnet drivers
  • 20Hz-40KHz frequency reaction
  • Hello-Res ESS 9281 Quad DAC
  • MQA rendering generation
  • 24-bit, 96KHz pattern fee
  • Digital 7.1 encompass sound
  • Customized audio profiles

The principle promoting level of the Asus ROG Delta S is the inclusion of the Hello-Res ESS 9281 Quad DAC and MQA rendering generation (which stands for ‘Grasp High quality Authenticated’). This tech signifies that with Tidal Masters recordings you’ll experience some critically pleasurable sound high quality.


We completely loved being attentive to track this fashion on a Google Pixel 5. The audio is wealthy, heat, and has a very good vary to it. For those who’ve by no means heard hi-resolution audio prior to, you’ll be able to quickly understand new parts in your favorite tracks that you’ve got by no means heard prior to.

That very same common sense applies to gaming too. Plug the headset right into a PC, set the 24-bit/96KHz pattern fee in Home windows sound settings, tweak the equaliser (EQ) in ROG Armoury Crate and get your game on.

Suddenly you’ll find a wider audio range than you’ve heard before. This is great as it often means you can pick up on important sounds more easily. The footsteps of enemies in games like Rainbow Six Siege or Warzone, for example, are much easier to hear and discern their direction from within the game world.

That said, we did feel like this headset oddly isn’t as bassy or as rich as other high-res headsets we’ve tried. Strangely, music is richer than when gaming. And though you can adjust the EQ settings and sound profiles within Armoury Crate, we just feel like it lacks some of the richness we’d expect at this price point.

That said, the virtual surround sound is good and combined with high-res audio it delivers great positional awareness. This headset is also insanely loud. So if you feel like you struggle to hear with other headsets then the ROG Delta S won’t disappoint.

AI-powered mic?

The Asus ROG Delta S has a flexbile, detachable unidirectional microphone included in the box. This mic offers AI-powered noise cancellation that’s designed to block out external noise and help keep your voice in focus.

We weren’t overly impressed with the mic on this headset, though, but it’s far from the worst we’ve tried.

You can adjust settings for noise gate, perfect voice and the AI noise-cancellation in the Armoury Crate software. But we found our voice was captured more clearly when we didn’t use those settings. This is going to depend on your environment of course, but the quality of the audio can certainly be tweaked in various ways with ease.

Writing by Adrian Willings. Editing by Mike Lowe.

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