Headache After Exercise? Four Not unusual Reasons


Piercing ache at your temples, a throbbing pain to your brow – we’ve all suffered the agony of complications, and there are many reasons. A few of us are much more likely to get them right through or after activity. 

Excellent to understand:

Complications are divided into two varieties: number one and secondary. Number one complications are caused via exertion, stress, or no longer sufficient sleep. Secondary complications, on the other hand, are a symptom of any other extra critical underlying situation like hypertension, an an infection, substance withdrawal, or a stroke. 

On this article we’ll establish Four commonplace reasons of complications after activity and inform you methods to deal with them and save you them. We’ll additionally inform you whether or not activity can cause migraines.

#1: Deficient posture

Dangerous posture, tension, and deficient shape whilst you figure out could cause stress, which may end up in complications. Stress complications are described as a relentless pain this is most often felt on either side of the pinnacle.(1)

Headache prevention

Take a look at your shape right through workout routines and your posture during the day. Assessment those tips about right kind working shape and take note of the maximum commonplace errors made right through body weight workout routines

Take a look at the use of warmth, therapeutic massage, or doing workout routines to alleviate neck ache to loosen up your muscle tissues in the event you get a headache after workout routines. 

#2: Dehydration

Whether or not it’s from activity or simply no longer consuming sufficient fluids, dehydration is likely one of the maximum commonplace reasons of complications. Calculate precisely how a lot water you must drink every day with our liquid requirement calculator. 

Man is watering himself after training because dehydration leads to headaches

Headache prevention

Be sure you are consuming sufficient during the day. So as to add selection, you’ll be able to come with particular sports activities beverages that stay you hydrated and supply your frame with vital micronutrients. 

#3: Low blood sugar

It’s no longer simply the complications after activity; you additionally really feel vulnerable, shaky, dizzy, and every now and then even nauseous? Those signs point out low blood sugar and depleted power shops. All the time make sure that your frame has sufficient power to figure out.  

Chocolate and wine can be a common cause for headache

Headache prevention

If you happen to realize the indications indexed above whilst you’re exercising, you must take a smash. You’ll be able to fill up your power and building up your blood sugar via consuming extra carbohydrates

There also are a couple of meals that may cause complications and migraines or lead them to worse – most often together with different reasons. Steer clear of those attainable headache triggers (2)

  • alcohol (particularly wine or beer) 
  • chocolate
  • caffein
  • elderly cheese
  • meals prime in
    • monosodium glutamate
    • synthetic sweeteners
    • and preservatives like nitrates or nitrites 

#4: Workout complications

Number one complications brought about via strenuous bodily task are referred to as exertional or activity complications. Those are described as throbbing, migraine-like ache throughout the entire head (bilateral complications) and final between Five mins and 48 hours. (3, 4) An excessive activity headache too can purpose vomiting and imaginative and prescient issues. It’s vital to take exercise-induced complications significantly. 

Close up of stretching hands

Headache prevention

Workout complications frequently expand in the event you skip your heat up, your exercise is just too strenuous, or it’s too scorching. Those may also happen when you find yourself at prime altitudes, like on a difficult hike within the mountains. 

One option to save you activity complications is to cut back the depth of your workout routines. The following tips for working in the summertime let you deal with the warmth and steer clear of dehydration. 


If complications final for days or if there are extra days in a month with complications than with out, you must seek the advice of a expert. A clinical skilled can take a look at whether or not you’re affected by number one or secondary complications, that may be brought about via an underlying situation. 

Can activity cause migraines?

Initially, analysis at the connection between migraines and activity isn’t but as in depth because it may well be. Alternatively, there are research which display that migraineurs (individuals who continuously be afflicted by migraines) can revel in exercise-triggered migraines. It’s believed that the exertional complications and stress complications discussed above are much more likely to result in a migraine.(5) In case you are vulnerable to migraines, it’s much more vital that you just save you the Four reasons of complications after activity. 

The excellent news: research additionally display that common activity can assist save you migraines or a minimum of cut back the depth of the ache. That is due to the endorphins produced right through sports activities. (6, 7)


Earlier than you get started figuring out, be sure you are hydrated and your power shops are complete. Be aware of your shape and just right posture whilst exercising. If in case you have a nasty headache blended with dizziness, nausea, shakiness and/or vomiting, take a smash straight away and seek the advice of your doctor. The similar applies for complications that final a number of days.


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