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(Pocket-lint) – The Ezviz DB2 is an inexpensive battery-powered video doorbell that comes bundled with a wi-fi chime and is in a position to offline recording. And, to start with look, it kind of feels like an excessively promising choice.

Alternatively, with such a lot of video doorbell choices available on the market, the DB2 is up towards some stiff festival, together with company favourites from giants like Ring and Google.

Even nonetheless, the Ezviz DB2 packs some severe specifications for its value level and appears to be a super price proposition.

Now we have been hanging it to the check over the previous couple of weeks to peer the way it plays in the actual international.

Our fast take

The Ezviz DB2 has been constant and dependable all over our trying out, which is our number one fear when trying out a doorbell.

The chime rings with little or no prolong, and the telephone notifications allowed us to obtain applications that we differently may have neglected.

It may not combine into in style good house programs in addition to first-party choices, and you’ll be able to get a couple of fewer social gathering methods incorporated, nevertheless it does the whole thing it must and did not depart us in need of for extra.

Putting in place was once hassle-free, battery existence is forged and the cost level makes it very available. General, we expect it is a nice choice for many who need to carry their doorbell into the 21st century.


  • Simple to arrange and use
  • Reasonably priced value level
  • Lengthy battery existence
  • Nice image high quality
  • Wi-fi chime incorporated
  • Can report in the neighborhood
In opposition to

  • Now not as fashionable as one of the festival
  • Rather a big doorbell unit
  • Cloud garage subscriptions are expensive


Design and set up

  • Doorbell dimensions: 150 × 58 × 32 mm
  • 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • IP65 mud and water-proof
  • End: white most effective

On first impressions, we have been slightly stunned on the measurement of the doorbell unit – it is fairly a corpulent beast.

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Alternatively, this will unquestionably be a favorable factor. The general public who acquire a video doorbell are on the lookout for an extra layer of house safety, and the prominence of this instrument is certain to discourage someone who is as much as no just right.

Pocket-lintEzviz DB2 review photo 6

The dimensions additionally method that there is room for a big battery pack, and Ezviz claims that you’ll stand up to 115 days from a unmarried rate. Lovely spectacular.

We have not been trying out for lengthy sufficient to verify those claims, however issues are having a look promising to this point.

After all, battery existence will range vastly relying on how busy your entrance door is, so take estimations with a grain of salt.

The design is inoffensive however much less sexy than mainstream choices, in our opinion. Nonetheless, on the very least, it looks as if a doorbell and can reduce confusion along with your postie.

Pocket-lintEzviz DB2 review photo 3

The doorbell frame is comprised of clean white plastic which feels strong and strong.

There’s a huge button on the base which can remove darkness from when pressed or when the digital camera detects an individual. It fees by means of micro-USB, which feels slightly outdated in 2022, however is completely useful.

Within the field, along the doorbell itself, you’ll be able to obtain a wi-fi chime unit, a couple of mounting plates, a USB cable for charging and diverse equipment similar to screws and a drilling template.

Set up was once in reality simple, even for beginner DIYers like ourselves. It is merely a case of deciding the place you need the doorbell to head, opting for the correct mounting plate to get a just right view, drilling some holes with the stick-on template and affixing it to the wall.

Principally, if you’ll submit a shelf, you’ll set up this doorbell with out a lot trouble.

Since there is a wi-fi chime incorporated and no hard-wiring to {the electrical} circuit, the whole thing is as simple as will also be.

Alternatively, if in case you have a pre-existing doorbell chime that you would like to make use of, there are two terminals at the rear of the doorbell unit that permit you to take action.

Pocket-lintEzviz DB2 review photo 10

We shouldn’t have a standard doorbell chime, so, as an alternative, we are depending at the wi-fi chime. This simply plugs into a regular energy outlet and can wirelessly keep in touch to the doorbell.

The microSD card slot is situated at the chime unit, as an alternative of the doorbell, which is a large plus in relation to safety.

When it comes time to rate the doorbell, it may be got rid of from its mount through pushing a pin right into a hollow at the underside, identical to ejecting a SIM card from a smartphone.

It is great and simple to do, nevertheless it would not be obtrusive to a possible thief. Plus, you’ll allow an anti-tamper alarm for extra peace of thoughts.

Digital camera and {hardware}

  • 176-degree field-of-view
  • half of.7-inch, 3-megapixel CMOS sensor (2K solution)
  • IR evening imaginative and prescient
  • H.265 compression

The three-megapixel sensor at the DB2 places it more or less on par with the Google Nest Doorbell (wired). The visibility angle, meanwhile, is slightly superior on the DB2, offering a 176-degree field of view. It’s a nice wide image, which makes it easy to frame all the important areas, and its 4:3 aspect ratio means that you’ll be able to see doorstep packages without chopping anyone’s head off.

Pocket-lintEzviz DB2 review photo 7

With its 2K video resolution, there is plenty of detail to the image, and H.265 compression does a good job of ensuring that you don’t fill up your SD card (or cloud storage) too quickly.

It’s a contrasty image, which helps it to appear sharp and detailed, but it lacks some dynamic range. Most of the time this isn’t an issue, but during the early evening our driveway is backlit by the sun and it results in some pretty shadowy faces.

It’s not so bad as to create a full-on silhouette, but it does make it challenging to see who’s at the door from time to time.

At night, the infrared lights kick in and do an admirable job of illuminating our particularly dark driveway.

Since it’s a doorbell, the IR beams are designed to illuminate the near-field primarily so it does a better job with subjects in the first couple of meters before tapering off. This is the area that’s likely to be of interest anyway, so that works just fine for us.

Features and software

  • Human shape and PIR detection
  • Long-distance video two-way talk
  • Sound and light anti-tamper alarm
  • AES-128 bit encrypted cloud storage

The DB2 is controlled by the Ezviz app and for the most part, it’s a fairly user-friendly experience.

The only things we didn’t like are that some of the icons require an extremely precise tap in order to function, and some of the icons are fairly cryptic, requiring you to tap on them to figure out what they do.

For instance, when you have the live view of the doorbell open, there’s a symbol that looks like it should take you to a full-screen view but it’s actually for sharing the device with family members.

In practice, though, you get used to these symbols fairly quickly.

Compared to some of the competition, the detection features are fairly rudimentary, but they do work well. You can either activate a PIR sensor or use AI-based human shape detection to trigger the camera and, as far as we can tell, it worked spot on every time.

You don’t get the ability to exclude zones from detection, it’s simply low, medium or high sensitivity.

You won’t get fancy things like facial recognition, either, but those kinds of features are pretty much reserved for products with twice the asking price.

There’s also the option to integrate the Ezviz doorbell with third-party systems like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The majority of our smart devices are controlled by Google Home, and integrating Ezviz products is nice and easy. Unfortunately, once you’re set up, the support is fairly limited.

You can ask Google Assistant to show you the live view from the DB2 on a Nest Hub or Chromecast, but that’s about it. You won’t be able to make the doorbell ring via the hub or anything like that, which is something offered by Google’s own doorbells.

Pocket-lintEzviz DB2 review photo 12

When it comes to storing recordings, however, the DB2 has a significant leg up over any of Google’s options.

The wireless chime unit can support microSD cards of up to 256GB, allowing you to store your recordings locally and eliminating the need for subscriptions.

Of course, if you’d prefer, Ezviz offers cloud storage, too.

This will give you AES-128 bit encrypted backups for an added layer of security, but unfortunately, the subscriptions come with a significant price tag – and the cost increases if you have multiple Ezviz cameras.


To recap

If you’re looking to invest in a video doorbell but have been dissuaded by the high entry price and costly subscriptions, then the Ezviz DB2 is a great pick. It’s worked reliably throughout our testing, was very easy to set up and lets you record on inexpensive microSD cards. It’s got fewer features than its pricier competition, but it does what it needs to and does it well.

Writing by Luke Baker. Editing by Conor Allison.

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