EMFs, Quantum Therapeutic Era, and Inside Energy With Leela Q


Kid: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

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Katie: Hello, and welcome to the “Wellness Mama Podcast.” I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com and wellnesse.com, that’s wellness with the E at the finish. And this episode is all about quantum era and I can admit it is a area I surely don’t absolutely perceive and I’m nonetheless very a lot excited to be told about. I’m right here with Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, which I am hoping I pronounced as it should be, who’s a trainer and entrepreneur and the founding father of an organization referred to as Leela Q, which I am hoping I’m additionally no longer butchering. And on this episode, we cross into the primal therapeutic frequency this is efficient and really helpful to all people, and working out quantum power a bit bit and the way this impacts us at a cell stage. It’s a beautiful advanced matter. However he is going into more or less the roots of working out how the frame is in a position to heal itself and the way we unlearn that as time is going through, and the way he’s been ready to make some actually unexpected adjustments in numerous folks the use of a few of this era together with some beautiful drastic HRV adjustments. We discuss darkish area microscopy and what that implies, and the way that may alternate from quantum fields, we cross into EMFs, the measurable result of meditation, and so a lot more. We surely bounce round so much and it’s a beautiful advanced matter. I discovered relatively a little from this and I can put some further sources within the display notes at wellnessmama.fm for any of you who wish to continue learning in this however with out additional ado, let’s bounce into a beautiful advanced matter. Philipp, welcome. Thank you for being right here.

Philipp: Thank you such a lot for having me.

Katie: I’m excited as a result of it is a matter I’ve no longer actually mentioned a lot at the podcast, nevertheless it’s person who I’ve been researching relatively a little for my part in recent years and nonetheless don’t know so much about. So, I’m excited to be told relatively a little from you as of late. I wanna get started wide, after which there’s almost certainly no less than 10 other instructions I wanna cross all over the interview. However I assume to begin giant, are you able to more or less give us a wide assessment about this concept of quantum therapeutic era and quantum power on the whole and what we’re speaking about?

Philipp: Sure, completely. So, I’ll get started with a actually broader image as a result of that’s the best way I see it, it’s that it’s the time for that at the moment as a result of there’s at all times a time, and if there’s no longer a time for one thing, it’s simply no longer gonna occur. And we are living in a time at the moment this is very tricky on one finish, nevertheless it’s filled with superb alternatives and traits then again. And a part of this is actually that awareness in some way actually comes into humanity in a a lot more good method, in some way the place much more persons are hit with it in some way and we’re all unlocking that. So, that era and awareness begin to virtually merge. And the issues which can be imaginable with ideas and with awareness may also be attached with a era this is imaginable as of late. And I’m on no account speaking about some AI stuff or one thing as a result of this is one thing I in truth don’t have any experience in. It’s one thing I don’t actually like and stick to. And that’s perhaps additionally one thing that may be misused. What I’m speaking about is actually therapeutic probabilities.

And from our standpoint, we will’t communicate an excessive amount of about therapeutic as a result of that phrase is slightly reserved for the pharma trade, so we simply allow them to have that, which is superb. However what does therapeutic actually imply? It method to develop into complete and to be complete. And that’s, in essence, what all of us are, is solely on our adventure, we type of have forgotten that. And now we have controlled to in truth get a hold of gadgets, we name it era, nevertheless it’s no longer, like, laptop or anything else. It in truth works utterly with none brute power. No electrical energy, no magnetic power. It’s actually simply power, natural quantum power. And with that, numerous issues are imaginable. And I believe it’s as it’s the time at the moment, that’s why we have been ready to get a hold of that and now numerous different issues are imaginable with that. And what’s imaginable with it, we will without a doubt dive extra into.

Katie: Yeah, I’d surely like to springboard into a few of what’s imaginable, however I believe additionally, it’s useful to grasp… You might want to, I’m positive, provide an explanation for this a lot better than I may just. But if we’re speaking about power, for my working out on a cell stage, if it’s worthwhile to dial into, like, the smallest quantity of any residing factor, any mobile, any anything else, at its base, you’re going to actually simply in finding power. So, like, what all of us recall to mind as bodily subject, at its core, is in truth simply vibrational power, which I is also butchering the outline of, however are you able to more or less provide an explanation for what you imply through that, like, a quantum power? As a result of we’re speaking about extremely small, very tiny vibrations, proper?

Philipp: Completely. Yeah, that’s what we’re in essence. We’re power and frequency far more than we’re subject. And we simply have unlearned that we’re all that and now we expect we’re all simply what we will contact. And yeah. In each and every mobile, there’s a quantum area, in each and every mobile of an animal, in addition to of a human. And that’s simply the core power that we’d like with a view to reside, proper? We’d like air, we’d like water, however we’d like that power. If we didn’t have that power and we simply had water and air, we couldn’t exist. So, the power is type of the supply, the battery that helps to keep us going. And in as of late’s global, clearly, it’s being made very arduous for us to extend that power and to have numerous that and to even really feel it, proper, as a result of there’s simply, you realize, unhealthy meals, unhealthy air, numerous issues which can be demanding situations to our frame and our gadget that makes it arduous for that. So, it’s virtually as though that a part of us is being diminished increasingly. And when did you at all times do one thing to counter that?

Now with what we’ve get a hold of is that we will supply an extra supply the place you’ll be able to faucet in and principally fee your batteries, your personal batteries. And it’s not anything like synthetic or one thing. It’s the natural quantum power and it resonates utterly with the interior of the cells simply because it’s the exact same power. And that’s the thrill phase about it, in truth, as a result of, you realize, recall to mind it that, you realize, you could simplest have unhealthy water. For centuries, you simply have unhealthy water. And , there’s the true grade water once more to be had, identical with air. And , you’ll be able to take that during, once more, what that does to the frame. Similar now with that form of power. In case you’re ready to now leverage that and make it to be had in your personal gadget, you then get an enormous spice up and you’ll be able to do, , so a lot more.

And without a doubt, we don’t want exterior lend a hand, essentially, as a result of there are methods with our personal awareness that we will get entry to these items. However the fact is that, excess of 99% of the folk have utterly forgotten how to try this. And that’s the place we get a hold of those gear with a view to bridge that hole. However no longer simplest to simply, you realize, lend a hand, like, within the brief time period that you’d at all times want this, no, but additionally to relearn to get entry to this inside energy, if you’re going to. That’s crucial for us as a result of that’s actually what we wish to lend a hand with, that folks develop into self-sustainable and take into accout who they’re and take into accout learn how to get entry to their inside powers. And that makes my day if there are folks in our Telegram workforce, for instance, which can be like, “Wow. Ok. And now I used to be ready to get entry to so a lot more of my inside energy and, you realize, I simply were given a step additional.” And, yeah, that’s what we’re looking to lend a hand with.

Katie: Such a lot to unpack there. You discussed the time period resonance. And so my restricted working out of this is extra within the musical sense of the theory of in case you play, for example, heart C, the entire different C notes at the piano will vibrate to a rather smaller level, or in case you play a violin within the presence of some other violin, the similar string will resonate as it’s the similar frequency. So, is that more or less a corollary to what we’re speaking about right here that, like, once we introduce the frame to those frequencies which can be therapeutic and just right, that the frame then, like, learns to vibrate and resonate on that frequency once more?

Philipp: Sure, type of, as a result of…and we’re in truth running with numerous frequencies too, as a result of that’s actually what it’s. For instance, there’s an excessively particular therapeutic frequency, we name it the principle human therapeutic frequency. It sounds very woo-woo, nevertheless it’s principally that very crucial frequency this is there when the frame is created. And it principally incorporates the entire important data in that frequency and learn how to heal ourselves since the frame is de facto ready to heal itself. And simply through the years, we unlearn that and we disregard that, after which we begin to, you realize, soak up numerous different stuff and all of that.

However in case you have been to introduce that frequency once more and that sign, then we remember the fact that and we’re like, “Ok. I remember the fact that and I will begin to leverage that once more.” And that’s just about what you mentioned, you’re introducing those frequencies and, oh, after which we will begin to do one thing with that once more. That’s just about how that works once we paintings with frequencies as a result of we pack them with quantum power with a view to in truth give them a spice up in order that the entire gadget and the biophysiological gadget can leverage that. Only a natural quantum power, this is actually the power that you simply in finding within the cells already and it’s simply virtually, like, oh, you realize, I will soak up extra and it right away simply resonates with the cells and is helping the cells to develop into more potent and simply get extra power on a unique stage than in case you have been to simply drink some water or breathe air.

Katie: And I’m tremendous curious. Ok. So, you discussed that is with out a energy supply or with none more or less magnetism. So, are you able to stroll us during the technological facet of ways that is created as a result of that is any such interesting factor, however I think like I’ve bother working out precisely the way it works.

Philipp: Yep. So, we can’t proportion how we in truth create it as a result of that’s a proprietary procedure that we in truth do with Roman Hafner who’s an excessively well-known healer from Europe. We’ve in truth proven this and demonstrated this to only one individual only some months in the past in Austria, he leads an institute for checking out and analysis of biofeedback, biosystem research. So, we confirmed it there. However in essence, what occurs after that, all of that we will proportion. So, I simplest have the bigger tool as of late that I will display that that’s the true era right here. It’s referred to as the infinity block. We even have person who simply has one plate at the best, one plate at the backside, which we name the quantum block. And how it works is that inside of right here, there’s a concentrated quantum power area, which sounds very woo-woo, nevertheless it’s… And in truth, there’s medical gaps nonetheless in how you’ll be able to measure the density of this area in right here as a result of science must play meet up with this relatively frankly. However what you’ll be able to measure is in truth the affect on organisms, for instance, or on atmosphere or on water or on any groceries that you simply have been to place in right here, for instance.

And that’s what we had mentioned. Ok. We all know that seers, you realize, those who heal with power or that may see power, they have a look at this they usually right away know what it does, proper? And a few of these folks have tears of their eyes, frankly, once they really feel this power. However then most people, frankly, don’t have, actually, that talent as a result of we’ve misplaced that connection. We have a look at it and we’re like, “Ok. So, the place’s the evidence.” And that’s why we center of attention very early on at the medical research to in truth additionally display what it in truth can do. So, one of the most issues we’ve performed is, you realize, have a look at middle fee variability adjustments, for instance. In 100% of the circumstances, there have been enhancements to the guts fee variability with this era. Darkish-field microscopy is some other useful gizmo, in truth, to visualise what occurs bodily with the cells and with the blood. So, simply striking your fingers for 5 mins into this has vital adjustments to the blood in keeping with the analyses that a physician’s workplace has carried out for example. So, we will measure what it does. And so you may have this within right here. And it’s so concentrated that you’ll be able to do a couple of issues with it, proper? So, it’s in truth relatively heavy. So, I’ll attempt to do dangle it right here.

However the few key issues that it does within here’s it’s worthwhile to put the complement in right here, for instance, and a card or another object on the identical time, after which the frequency of the complement would reproduction into this different object in simplest seconds. After which afterwards, you could have that object this is in truth charged with quantum power since you additionally fee gadgets right here with quantum power while you put them within. After which it’s worthwhile to simply take that object, let’s say it’s a card like this, and that’s charged with a particular frequency and you’ll be able to leverage it like that. So, then we’re speaking about frequency drugs, proper? And it’s worthwhile to be your personal homeopath in some way. So, that’s actually one of the most issues you’ll be able to do. However you’ll be able to simply have this sit down at house. And what it additionally does is it harmonizes all the frequencies in your house. And that comes with EMF for example. After which we’ve additionally performed a couple of checks and research in truth with that since the out of doors area of this one is in truth very, very huge. It has an excessively huge radius, so it covers your entire space and weigh extra in truth. And inside of that radius, it neutralizes and harmonizes all electromagnetic fields in order that principally your entire circle of relatives and animals you may have on your properties or even vegetation reside in an atmosphere this is energetically harmonious and certain.

Yeah. So, the ones are one of the stuff you do. After which… I imply, folks use it for a wide variety of alternative stuff, proper? I don’t wanna say what we recommend folks use it for as a result of… However we all know that folks, they use it to regard Lyme, they use it to… If they have got knee ache, they put their knee within and all of this stuff. We’ve a fast-growing Telegram workforce, and I’m gonna put this away now as it’s relatively heavy, of customers that experiment with this and proportion and be told of what’s all imaginable as a result of, frankly, we all know so much, however there’s nonetheless on a daily basis one thing new that we discover out as it’s nonetheless leading edge.

Katie: And I’d believe folks perhaps have a troublesome time wrapping their head round this as a result of I’ve encountered extra of this concept after I studied in Switzerland in brief, for example, and I think just like the clinical area in Europe is much more open and working out of a few of these concepts than we’re these days within the U.S. However you introduced up EMFs, and I believe that’s in truth a just right illustrative instance as a result of I pay attention from numerous individuals who cut price the impact EMFs may just probably have on our well being as it’s arduous to look, it’s a bit bit arduous to measure nonetheless, and there appears to be particularly within the U.S. this concept of, like, “Smartly, if I will’t see it or really feel it, then it almost certainly isn’t true.” And so I’d bet that you simply see this additionally with the quantum stuff that you simply guys are doing. However you discussed an EMF connection. So, I’d suppose if… We’ve those quantum gadgets that experience those very small frequencies or vibrational frequencies that may have any such dramatic affect, that may additionally talk to the opportunity of such things as EMFs do have an excessively giant affect at the human frame as effectively. And I don’t really feel like there’s a ton of well-understood details about this but. So, are you able to more or less stroll us during the EMF facet? As a result of I do know there appears to be additionally a protecting part with this for EMFs as effectively.

Philipp: Sure. And through the best way, I’ve been informed previously that I must inform folks after I’m in a podcast that I was a vice chairman at T-Cellular world and for the U.S. one day in my earlier existence, if you’re going to. And so I do perceive EMF and electronics, cell phones from that facet relatively effectively. And I do remember the fact that now since a number of years, in truth, really well from the opposite facet. And I don’t need… I’m no longer within the camp of simply pronouncing it’s all unhealthy and horrible as a result of, without a doubt, you realize, those applied sciences have their use circumstances and in addition their advantages, however without a doubt their downsides. And the downsides actually are that EMF has a unfavorable affect at the frame and full of life gadget for most of the people. Indisputably no longer on 100% of the folk as a result of it kind of feels to have…that’s additionally what we came upon in our find out about. The extra attached and wholesome you might be and attached with your personal inside supply, the fewer difficult EMF is, in truth as much as the purpose that any of the healers that we paintings with which can be in our therapeutic community, none of them is stricken through EMF. It’s simply, you realize, they might actually, like, sit down at the backside of a mobile phone tower and no longer be impacted through it.

However then, once more, it’s an issue of awareness and the way conscious are you about your personal talents to neutralize the ones energies round you, proper? And in case you don’t have that view and also you’ve forgotten how to try this, then you wish to have gear as it actually affects you. So, the guts fee variability is impacted. And I imply, there’s heaps of research and 1000’s of research, in truth, in regards to the physiological affect of EMF. You’ll be able to in finding them actually on Google so much, however there are some assets or the ones may also be regarded up. After which it’s nice if you’ll be able to use gear to in truth mitigate that. And that’s one thing the place, you realize, blockading EMF may also be useful for some very delicate folks. However in some way, you don’t wanna block EMF utterly as a result of you then couldn’t use your Wi-Fi and your mobile phone at house. So, what our era does is it in truth transforms and harmonizes it with the intention to nonetheless use all of your mobile phone gadgets, your Wi-Fi router and the entirety. However you don’t get a unfavorable affect to your frame nor to your full of life gadget. And that’s more or less key about that.

And so the best way we’ve in truth had it examined as we gave our merchandise to third-party institutes, one is in truth referred to as IGEF. I don’t know what number of people within the U.S. know that, nevertheless it’s the biggest Eu analysis and checking out institute for the entirety EMF. And they’ve performed the guts fee variability find out about they usually additionally checked out our different merchandise and authorized them in truth. So, we were given the 5 stars looking to check one among our merchandise as a result of we knew it labored, however we would have liked to have one thing that we will additionally display to those who, you realize, they checked out that, they examined that and that is just about the way it works. And the find out about, in truth, of the guts fee variability works. Additionally folks thru, in truth, a bit bit within the how this works. After which there’s some other institute in Austria that checks with the DecaVol way. If truth be told, it’s a complicated DecaVol way and it checks the biophysiological state of a human or an animal for that subject. It doesn’t actually subject who they check.

And while you sit down in an electrical automobile, for instance, after which they come up with a mobile phone after which an iPad on your fingers, you then’re just about blasted with EMF. And they examined earlier than after which they examined, “Ok. What occurs while you then cross on this automobile and also you get those further mobile phone gadgets, and so on.? After which what came about?” And in each case they examined is that the entire measurements went instantly down and virtually to finish deregulation in truth, relatively impactful. After which they might give those folks our gadgets, after which they might measure once more. And in 100% of the circumstances, the entire measurements have been at optimum ranges afterwards. So, the ones are, you realize, some issues we’ve examined. And we’ve examined EMF actually at house, at paintings, within the automobile, and, you realize, actually a couple of ranges as a result of we would have liked to actually dig into that. And EMF, yeah, is impactful in case you don’t do anything else with it or in case you don’t know the way to handle it.

Katie: What are a few of the ones unwanted side effects that probably we will see from EMFs? After which as a follow-up to that, you discussed that, like, some folks may also be no longer suffering from them. So, are you able to cross a bit deeper on explaining how that works?

Philipp: Smartly, I want I knew it from a systematic standpoint. So, I’m no longer ready to provide an explanation for it from a systematic standpoint. I believe any individual, you realize, like Ian Mitchell would almost certainly be capable to do this. However I will let you know actually simply from a awareness standpoint, it actually seems as a result of the entire those who aren’t impacted through EMF, they have got an excessively, very robust reference to themselves or they actually paintings on this area of power therapeutic, and so on., and they are able to sense their very own organic gadget and their very own power. After which they are able to additionally sense what’s coming at them this is difficult in some way and they are able to simply make it in some way that it might probably turn into.

Now, I should say that I’ve additionally long gone thru a few years of shamanic coaching and workshops and I’m a practitioner myself. I don’t observe that an excessive amount of, however I, you realize, do these items as effectively. So, it’s worthwhile to believe myself an power healer, you realize, method much less complex than any individual like Roman Hafner and even my spouse who used to be born with that talent. However I will… I don’t have this factor both, actually, that I’m so impacted through EMF. And I used to have it. Yeah, that’s how I will provide an explanation for it. So, I will surely let you know, in case you sit down down and meditate for 15 to 20 mins after that, you’re gonna be much less impacted through EMF than earlier than the meditation. And that’s more or less… I will’t provide an explanation for it in every other higher method.

Katie: Without a doubt, the advantages of meditation were a routine theme in this podcast just lately each from the science standpoint after which, without a doubt, from, like, the power therapeutic standpoint as effectively. So, I really like that you simply introduced that up as effectively. And I’d bet that is a space that there are folks listening who’re suffering nonetheless to grasp or to actually consider that one thing like it will have an affect. And without a doubt, that used to be me for relatively a very long time as effectively. And I do know you’ve mentioned one of the science that’s a lot more understood in puts like Europe and I do know Austria may be very, more or less main the fee with numerous these items. However are you able to give us some, like, use circumstances of perhaps, like, some sensible examples of ways folks could be the use of this quantum…you discussed like knees, for example, with irritation? However what are some sensible use circumstances you’re seeing from individuals who have used it? Perhaps give us some concrete working out.

Philipp: Sure. So, once more, the infinity block and the quantum block that I confirmed, everyone makes use of that to simply… That is the true era. I’d just wanna point out that it’s no longer the era that we simply stay for ourselves. It’s one thing that we make to be had to everyone. So, it might probably unfold in a decentralized method. We discover that crucial that everyone that wish to have get entry to to it. And it can’t be manipulated nor misused for any unfavorable functions, through the best way. I in finding that essential to say no less than. And so everyone that has this tool makes use of it surely for type of, like, an full of life feng shui at house and to turn into and harmonize EMF. This is actually one thing that everyone makes use of it for. I haven’t heard anyone that, you realize, doesn’t use it for that. And for that, you simply want to have it sit down there.

After which, once more, for any form of physiological factor that folks have, I don’t wanna identify illnesses right here at the moment an excessive amount of, however folks use it for that, principally, to spice up their inside therapeutic talents and to get method, method faster out of the placement and no longer having the ability to battle the problem that they’re going through, you realize, whether or not that has to do with Lyme or it has to do with ache or one thing else. It sounds as if that, yeah, the ones are giant use circumstances. After which different… So, it’s actually physiological. And so they additionally use it for the animals, frankly, relatively a little. We’ve a canine ourselves. We needed to commute to Costa Rica. And the canine had to get a particular vaccine in order that our canine may just fly with us. And it used to be additionally a beautiful unhealthy vaccine. And vaccines, anyway, aren’t actually just right for anyone else within the animal frame. And yeah. So, the primary spec, she needed to get two vaccines. The primary she were given, we virtually concept she would die.

So, the primary two, 3 hours have been horrible, that the canine felt completely terrible. After which we have been like, “Ok. Smartly, let’s use the infinity block.” And what you’ll be able to in truth do with this, additionally, it will sound much more woo-woo for folks, nevertheless it 100% works and we’ve confirmed this. And other folks have confirmed that quantum entanglement works too. However you’ll be able to actually take an image of your canine and put it within this area and it’s virtually the similar as in case you have been to place the canine bodily within there. There’s some variations and a few nuances, evidently, nevertheless it does paintings. And after about part an hour, the canine began to chill out, began to return again into, like, a state of power and get well from their very, very, in no time. After which the second one shot when she needed to get that, we in truth put the {photograph} within already whilst she used to be getting the shot, after which the entire affect used to be already there. So, that’s one thing the place folks use so much for for his or her animals, for his or her cats, canine, and so forth.

After which for, you realize, serving to with their mindful building. It sounds bizarre. How can I easiest describe it? Whilst you meditate, when any individual meditates, what do you do this for? Proper? Some folks do it to perhaps simply loosen up a bit bit. Ok. That’s something. However within the essence, what you wanna do is to simply attach extra with your self, proper? That’s actually what you do as a result of we’re at all times so distracted with the entire to-dues now we have and the out of doors global may be attention-grabbing, proper? The entire politics occurring, this and that, the entire adjustments on the earth. After which we disregard in truth to connect to ourselves, and that’s actually the place our supply of energy is. That’s why we will meditate and we’re like, “Ok. I will really feel myself once more.” After which, you realize, after I do this, I will extend this and all that. After which I will get entry to extra of my inside figuring out, of my upper self, if you’re going to, of my very own awareness. That’s just about the way it works. Proper? And I do know there are numerous different gear but even so meditation that can result in that, clearly. So, let’s say I meditate for 15 mins and I will get entry to this a lot right here of my inside figuring out and all that. Now I dangle my hand into this block, then I will not get entry to this a lot. I will in truth get entry to that a lot. Proper? And that’s simply an analogy as it’s no longer essentially this a lot and that a lot, clearly. It will cross method past what my hands can display. However I assume you’ve were given the image. And yeah, some folks use it for that as effectively to simply, you realize, lend a hand them on their inside adventure a bit bit. And so in that sense, it’s actually one thing for full of life functions, but additionally for physiological functions.

Katie: And I think like even that idea is usually a tricky one to grab for folks. And also you discussed numerous folks have more or less separated from that inside therapeutic talent. You additionally mentioned that the frame is in a position to heal itself, however steadily we disregard how. And I do know that those are merchandise you’ve designed to lend a hand folks do this. However are you able to provide an explanation for additionally, like, perhaps a bit bit extra at the awareness meditation facet or simply how we will come again in contact with no matter that talent is and more or less what we all know and perceive about it because it exists?

Philipp: Yeah. So, the goods surely lend a hand with that. So, that’s only one factor. It is helping on a couple of ranges. They lend a hand simply by being there and that you’ll be able to really feel that power, however then folks additionally begin to check issues, proper? They begin to put a pitcher of water within for, you realize, 20, 30 seconds, after which they have got the similar water, you realize, let’s say, a Fiji water right here that they didn’t put within, after which they do the tasting checks. And so they do this with perhaps raspberries too and all that. And all of that fine-tunes your senses once more, proper, as a result of we misplaced this talent actually to coach that as a result of all of us have that talent, proper? It’s no longer… So, it’s no longer only a few superb healers in the market which can be simply the one ones that experience those talents. No. Everyone does. And it’s all simply to return again to that and teach that.

So, that’s something you’ll be able to do. I imply, it’s only a few easy issues. I imply, it’s arduous in case you simply utterly don’t consider one thing like this exists and also you’re utterly striking that off. However in case you’re having a response like that, then, you realize, perhaps there’s a ache in between, proper? So, what’s it that has minimize you off such a lot from your self that you simply don’t even need to check out to determine the place the actually you is? And, yeah. However when you have this little flame that you simply sense and you realize that there’s extra than simply the fabric global, proper, and the entire video games we play right here on this global. There’s much more. And a very powerful factor is that. After which if you’ll be able to really feel that, then simply give you the chance to glue extra with it. For everyone, it’s other, proper? So, I will’t say that everyone now must meditate for 15 mins each and every morning. For some folks, that’s nice. For other folks, they are going to want to do it another way. Perhaps they want to do yoga or simply lay within the mattress within the morning while you get up for a couple of mins, and earlier than you go to sleep, additionally for a couple of mins with out a telephone, with out doing one thing else, simply perhaps simply feeling your self.

There’s only a few simple issues and issues that may be performed in a handy guide a rough method that lend a hand us to really feel ourselves. And albeit, as unhealthy because the time these days is, and it’s stunning virtually to look what’s occurring on that stage. On the identical time, it gives numerous alternative since the those who really feel a bit little bit of this flame or numerous that flame, clearly, all the ones folks, they’re virtually and abled now to really feel extra of that and to take a look at that since you virtually can’t have a look at that different stuff anymore. You want… You’re thrown again in your personal self and now could be the time. And I believe that, you realize, if we don’t flip against that and check out to bear in mind who we’re and simply get started this inside trail, then we’re gonna get one rainy towel after the opposite is thrown into our faces to get up that method. And I believe the a lot more uncomplicated method to get up is to simply, you realize, proactively simply attempt to get started the internal trail on our personal.

Katie: Yeah. And I believe for example that involves thoughts more or less looking to perceive those ideas, particularly the significance of trust and the way that applies to our body structure is there were occasions, unfortunately, once they’ve misdiagnosed any individual with an sickness, for example, and informed them that they’d a definite period of time to reside and that they have been going to die in, say, 3 months. And so they do. After which they found out an post-mortem that they by no means in truth had the illness or the most cancers they concept that they’d first of all, however as a result of they believed they have been going to die they did. And I believe there’s unlucky examples of this within the clinical gadget relatively steadily. However we will have a look at that within the opposite in addition to that if that very same factor through software would imply that when you have a good trust in one thing or the frame’s talent to heal or its innate knowledge to recuperate, it additionally creates the situation the place that may develop into a lot more imaginable.

However I believe it’s additionally simply, like I mentioned, it’s tricky to wrap your head round if that is new. And I nonetheless have bother working out or believing some portions of these kind of various things. However there surely does appear to be this refined component of that which we consider has a better likelihood of being true, particularly as a result of we create the prerequisites during which the ones issues occur or don’t in response to our mindset more or less. And I do know that what you’re explaining is going deeper than that, however I believed that could be a just right instance for folks to begin to more or less perceive a bit bit.

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And I imply, such things as spontaneous recoveries, when folks consider they’re going to recuperate after which they do, if truth be told, recuperate, or such as you discussed, folks ready not to be suffering from EMF regardless of what we all know at the era facet of EMF. And so I believe that mindset piece is difficult to grab, without a doubt, and tough to measure, which makes it tricky to provide an explanation for, however there are examples the place we will see that affect.

Philipp: Completely, yeah. I’d 100% accept as true with that.

Katie: I’ve spotted as effectively that you simply paintings with a community of world healers. And I believe that is a very powerful factor to the touch on as effectively. Simply more or less are you able to provide an explanation for how that got here to be and what that appears like, that courting?

Philipp: Sure. So, as a result of we’re actually running with power and with frequencies, science at all times is the second one step for us as a result of we first labored with healers, proper, or healer practitioners. And what does that imply? So, the community of those healers is composed of very, very particular folks that experience talents that cross method past what even a regular, like, power practitioner would have. We’re no longer speaking, like, some Reiki practitioner. I don’t wanna devalue that. However that’s a fully other stage than what those folks perform. Like, for instance, Roman Hafner from Europe, he used to be already on the age of 11 referred to as the wunderkind in Europe. He’s extraordinarily well-known, in truth, in Europe. He’s been almost certainly on each and every podcast that you’ll be able to in finding that’s German-speaking, in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany as a result of he used to be born having the ability to see frequencies and energies in an especially granular method. And what he didn’t have when he used to be born is that this talent to simply see the subject with the eyes the best way that we do it or that most of the people do it once we, you realize, learn to see.

We see a candle holder someplace and, you realize, that’s what we see. Ok. It’s black after which there’s a candle that’s white, after which there’s a flame. He would see in a fully other method. Additionally, an arm. You spot the out of doors of the arm, I’m assuming, the hand, and so forth. And he would see the interior, the power, the warmth. He may just see the heart beat. He may just see if there’s anything else flawed with intestines or one thing else. After which he spotted very, in no time that he’s no longer simplest ready to look all that, he’s additionally ready to in truth put those frequencies in combination another way and in truth, you realize, actually heal issues, proper? After which he began to paintings already as a teen with medical doctors in combination the place he would principally inform the physician what that individual has, what the affected person has, after which the physician would additionally get started, you realize, running with their remedies as a result of additionally no longer everyone used to be open to power remedies. However yeah. And he’s evolved the ones functions method past the ones functions he had when he used to be 11.

And so once we paintings with those energies and frequencies, we labored, for instance, with him to broaden one thing that is helping with a particular use case like we’ve evolved the cardboard, it’s referred to as the so-called inside peace card. So, that’s the CMS, the way it seems like. And there’s a frequency in there that lets you come again in your inside peace. So, whether or not you may have nervousness or pressure otherwise you’re simply crushed through the entirety that’s occurring on your existence, proper, then that is one thing that let you come again into your area, into your inside peace, and sense that after which extend it from there. And it really works a bit bit like a healer on your pocket, if you’re going to, as it additionally lets you, like I mentioned, to begin with, to be told once more how you’ll be able to do this your self, proper, in case you simply paintings with it a bit bit. And yeah, identical with, you realize, a few of these results at the frame, proper? Roman can see precisely what’s occurring. So, we paintings with him to in truth broaden sure merchandise and to look what’s in truth taking place.

After which the science comes afterwards as a result of we at all times wanna attempt to display as a lot scientifically as imaginable with research that it actually works that method and that no longer simplest simply our healers say it really works that method. Smartly, that’s nice. However folks need medical evidence, and that’s what we’re doing. We’re striking numerous emphasis on that. Now, we’re no longer a large corporate in any respect. We’re a small corporate and we’re self-funded and that’ll keep that method additionally. And that’s why we don’t have an enormous funds, however, you realize, what we will, we put into analysis and research in that regard. So, now we have performed numerous research already, however we’re doing much more research.

So, simply on this yr, now we have two research within the U.S., one is in truth with regard to power Lyme illness that’s with medical doctors that are actually practising useful drugs. And the opposite one is some other dark-field microscopy find out about. After which there’s a find out about in India additionally with the medical doctors of the useful drugs area and, in truth, all medical doctors that know the way to observe in each and every area, however now useful drugs has actually develop into their area of selection, if you’re going to. And it’s about autistic kits. And so how does that come? It comes as a result of, on one hand, you realize, our healers see sure issues of what’s imaginable, however then, , we get so much…and that’s with autistic, the autistic youngsters, for instance, that we have got folks the use of the goods they usually’re coming again with all this comments and these kind of testimonials and superb issues which can be taking place. And if it turns into such a lot, then we wish to additionally stick to that with a find out about with a view to, you realize, have one thing that, you realize, other folks can then additionally have a look at and perhaps get pleasure from that.

Katie: Were given it. And I’ve a notice that you simply guys additionally plant a tree for each and every acquire. The place do the ones bushes cross?

Philipp: Yeah. That’s a super query. So, we will in truth decide that. And now we have planted bushes within the U.S. We’ve planted bushes in South The us already. However lets additionally make a decision, you realize, that bushes get planted in other places. Thus far, we’ve targeted at the U.S. and South The us in that regard. And it’s certainly for each and every acquire, we plant a tree. It’s a mindful industry, if you’re going to, so we attempt to do just right whilst we will. And that’s simply some other a part of it.

Katie: And I’ve a notice right here additionally from our questions pre-interview of, in case you had 3 needs for humanity, what would you want for? And I believe it is a actually cool query.

Philipp: Smartly, I am hoping at the moment, and that’s for the close to long term forward, that much more folks get up and that we will…increasingly folks can discover a as far back as their inside supply and their inside energy and that from inside of we create a a lot more livable global right here on earth this is extra non violent, extra a laugh, and extra loose and the place self-expression isn’t one thing that’s being bombarded or suppressed, however that it might probably in truth pop out and that we will be ourselves and love ourselves. And I believe that may be, yeah, one thing I’d be actually pleased with.

Katie: And some other query I’d love to invite on the finish of interviews is that, there’s a ebook or a lot of books that experience had a profound affect to your existence, and if this is the case what they’re and why.

Philipp: So, I’ve learn numerous books. I don’t learn numerous books anymore, however the person who I will name out is “Siddhartha” through Hermann Hesse. And that’s already an excessively, very very long time in the past that I learn that, however that modified one thing for me the place I spotted, ok, there’s so a lot more and I don’t actually know what it’s, nevertheless it helped me to go looking extra. Yeah. And I believe it caused one thing inside of me to in truth get started this trail of inside building and all of that and took, from there, nonetheless a very long time to head thru a couple of blockages. However yeah, that used to be one thing that helped with a spark at the moment.

Katie: After which finally, I do know now we have a distinct cut price code that’ll be within the display notes, you guys listening, wellnessmama.fm. However the place can folks in finding you to be told extra? As a result of that is without a doubt a large matter and a posh one. And I do know there’s much more data to your website online for folks to continue learning.

Philipp: Yeah. So, that’s without a doubt leelaq.com. At the website online, you’ll be able to in finding data. However then I’d recommend then virtually, even a greater method, that’s our non-public Telegram workforce. I’d make that hyperlink to be had for you, on your target market, without a doubt, in order that they are able to sign up for if they prefer as a result of and it’s referred to as the Quantum Energy Staff. After which we discuss these kind of facets of quantum era and the way the goods paintings and what they do and several other different facets, additionally medical facets alongside the ones strains. However initially is actually a person workforce the place folks can ask the entire questions that they’ve, proper, in that regard. And other folks proportion their reports they usually give solutions of what they’ve already skilled. And so it’s a good way to be told and to keep up a correspondence with superb, glorious folks. So, the gang is actually filled with kind-hearted, great folks. And in most cases, we’re all more or less, like, swimming at the identical wave, if you’re going to. And I’m for my part in that workforce as effectively. So, I resolution numerous questions there. After which folks too can in finding me there and personal message. And I resolution each and every query, each and every textual content message I am getting. It will now and again take a few days, however I do this. And in order that’s a good way to connect to us.

Katie: Superb. I’ll put all the ones hyperlinks at wellnessmama.fm so that you guys can in finding them. And prefer I mentioned to start with, it is a new house of study for me that I think like I’m nonetheless very a lot finding out as effectively. I’m excited to stay studying and continue learning increasingly and to get to check out a few of these issues and really feel the results firsthand. However Philipp, thank you for being right here and tackling what turns out like an excessively advanced matter in such an comprehensible method as of late.

Philipp: Thanks such a lot for inviting me. That used to be nice.

Katie: And thank you, as at all times, to you guys for listening and sharing your Most worthy sources, your time, and your power with us as of late. We’re so thankful that you simply did and I am hoping that you are going to sign up for me once more at the subsequent episode of “The Wellness Mama Podcast.”

In case you’re playing those interviews, would you please take two mins to depart a ranking or overview on iTunes for me? Doing this is helping extra folks to seek out the podcast, because of this much more mothers and households may just get pleasure from the guidelines. I actually respect your time, and thank you as at all times for listening.

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