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Discover our collective Life Coach in indre et loire. The life coach usually includes a human development professional.

The officiating people in this field have lived and preceded training in different sectors in order to acquire the skills necessary for the exercise of their profession. So you agree with us that we cannot improvise ourselves as a life coach. We grow old throughout our lives, in order to adequately help those who feel the need.

To carry out the various missions entrusted to him, the life coach uses many practical tools. The numerous sessions he organizes for his patients serve as a framework for expression and application of these practical tools.

The main aim of such a strategy is to allow the patient to better discover himself by starting from his discussions with his life coach. Choosing to hire the services of a life coach means working to get to know yourself better, to strive for who you really are. “coach tours

Coach Tours

Hypnosis is about giving people an unforgettable experience live by voice.

Our hypnosis practice in Tours guides you to a prestigious session.

The state of consciousness caused by suggestion is somewhere between wakefulness and sleep.

Hypnosis allows individuals to shift their attention to levels other than ordinary consciousness.

Hypnosis can be like sleeping, but it doesn’t have all the characteristics. Usually this state is reached by another person, but it is likely to be reached by oneself, so this is self-hypnosis.

The term hypnosis also applies to technology that achieves this state.

Calm your mind without making changes Discover your potential in hypnosis, use your resources, free your imagination and dare to be yourself. Live in the present moment more often, simplify life, maintain more harmonious relationships, rediscover the joys of life and gain inner peace. Get back to basics and think quietly. Hypnotherapy can talk to people who have nothing to do with you, making anything possible.

In practice, with the exception of those who need help to quit smoking or get rid of various addictions, find out about this practice in our hypnosis practice in Tours. During the meeting, the subjects are more or less awake, so they fully understand their own situation and maintain their own behavior.

My technique is to use different methods including recommendations “to influence bothersome symptoms, make them uncomfortable and reframe them, especially to reduce or eliminate these effects. “Hypnose Tours

Hypnose tours


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