DIY Frankincense Face Cream for All Pores and skin Varieties


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What’s an historic treatment for hemlock poisoning, utilized by Cleopatra, and burned in some church buildings?

For those who guessed frankincense, you were given it proper! Resin from this tree has been utilized in skin care, drugs, and spiritual ceremonies for hundreds of years. This tree’s soothing and clarifying houses make it the perfect factor in frankincense face cream.

Why Frankincense Face Cream?

Buckle up as a result of there’s an entire lot that frankincense can do!

It has an extended historical past of use to cut back ache and irritation, however scientists are frequently finding extra about frankincense.

A 2015 article in Ecu Overview checked out how frankincense may just assist most cancers sufferers. No longer handiest did the frankincense cream scale back their painful pores and skin irritation, nevertheless it did it with none unintended effects.

This resin additionally fights a wide vary of pathogens at the pores and skin, together with viruses, chilly sores, and fungi (like candida). Whilst the surface on our face will not be that broken (optimistically!), the purpose is frankincense is calming and restorative for quite a lot of pores and skin problems.

Consistent with a 2007 article in Phytomedicine, its antibacterial houses are concept to assist with zits and eczema.

Plus it simply smells wonderful!

Does Frankincense Lend a hand With Wrinkles?

In a 2010 randomized managed trial, frankincense cream decreased indicators of getting older and injury from UV mild, like wrinkles and darkish spots. Members additionally had:

  • smoother pores and skin
  • fewer high quality traces
  • greater elasticity
  • much less oil secretion (which means that fewer clogged pores)

Which Frankincense Will have to I Purchase?

There are a large number of forms of frankincense crucial oil available on the market. Some are higher high quality than others, and a few scent higher than others. However there’s some other large worry:

Crucial oils use a large number of plant subject material and will simply have a unfavorable environmental affect. Frankincense timber generally are overharvested, particularly the species Boswellia sacra.

On account of those considerations, I like to recommend getting the crucial oil from an organization that ethically and sustainably resources their fabrics like Plant Treatment.

Face Cream, Serum, Lotion: What’s the Distinction?

Serum, lotion, cream…what’s the variation? And why would you select one over the opposite?

Serums are a mix of liquid elements (like this diet C serum, a favourite of mine), whilst creams and lotions are each thickened emulsions of water and oil. Whilst creams have the next water content material, lotions are thicker and have a tendency to have extra oil.

Even supposing technically face lotions comprise water-based elements, this one sticks to oils. Why? Much less (or no) water manner the recipe lasts longer with out the use of preservatives. For the sake of protection and straightforwardness, we’re leaving the water out of this frankincense face cream.

No Coconut Oil?

Whilst I’ve given water the boot, chances are you’ll understand some other common skin care factor is lacking.

Coconut oil is excellent for such a lot of issues, together with lotion, nevertheless it does have a couple of drawbacks.

It’s extremely comedogenic, that means it clogs pores. No longer excellent information for the ones with zits, clogged pores, or an identical pores and skin problems on their face. Some additionally to find it surprisingly drying.

To be at the secure aspect, this face cream makes use of different face-friendly oils.

Customizing Your Frankincense Face Cream

The wonderful thing about making your personal face cream? You’ll be able to customise it in your pores and skin!

Provider Oil

Principally any liquid service oil will paintings, however some are extra suited for sure pores and skin sorts.

  • Grapeseed oil  – a lighter oil that absorbs rapid and is excellent for shiny to customary pores and skin sorts
  • Candy almond oil – Nonetheless at the lighter aspect and excellent for traditional to dry pores and skin sorts.
  • Avocado oil – A thicker oil that’s excellent for mature or dry pores and skin
  • Olive oil – A heavier oil for mature or dry pores and skin

Crucial Oils

Clearly we’re the use of frankincense right here, however there are different crucial oils that mix smartly with the frankincense. All of those crucial oils are pores and skin secure and scent excellent with frankincense.

  • Geranium – Is helping with zits, congested pores and skin, dermatitis, eczema, oily complexion, mature pores and skin, broken pores and skin.
  • Lavender – Is helping with zits, dermatitis, eczema, irritation, psoriasis, and broken pores and skin.
  • Cypress – Just right for shiny pores and skin, wounds, and tightening veins.
  • Orange – Brightens boring complexions, improves move and oily complexions.

Mango vs Shea Butter

Mango butter is the same consistency to shea, nevertheless it’s extra astringent. This makes it excellent for extra oily pores and skin and even customary pores and skin.

When you have dry pores and skin, persist with shea butter.

Whipped Face Cream With Frankincense Oil

You don’t must whip this, however I like the feel of a whipped frankincense face cream. It feels so ethereal and clean! One of the best ways is to make use of the whisk attachment on a stand or hand mixer. I don’t counsel a hand whisk. It takes ceaselessly and the effects are disappointing at easiest.


DIY Frankincense Face Cream Recipe

Whip up this nourishing DIY face lotion easiest for boring, drained, or getting older pores and skin


  • In a double boiler or a warmth secure glass bowl, upload the butter, liquid oil, and beeswax. If the use of a bowl, perch it on most sensible of a pot stuffed midway with water to create a double boiler impact.

  • Gently warmth the elements till they’re totally melted, stirring once in a while.

  • Take away from warmth and upload the crucial oils and diet E.

  • Switch the combination to a steel blending bowl and put within the freezer for approximately 15 mins or till forged. The combination will have to be company however no longer frozen.

  • The usage of a hand mixer or the whisk attachment on a stand mixer to whip the face cream till it’s fluffy and creamy.


  • Garage: Retailer in a fab, dry position clear of warmth and light. The shelf lifestyles is determined by the precise elements used, however will have to be from 6-12 months.
  • Observe: For those who don’t wish to whip the face cream, then switch it to the garage container as an alternative and freeze till cool. Let the combination cool relatively first ahead of pouring into the container to keep away from burns or breakage.

Have you ever ever made your personal attractiveness merchandise? Will you do that frankincense face cream?

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