Creamy (& Wholesome) Yogurt Fruit Dip


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Once in a while the most simple recipes finally end up being our favourite. This yogurt fruit dip is a type of recipes. It’s really easy to make that it sort of feels somewhat loopy to even name it a recipe. And because I make my very own yogurt, making this yogurt dip used to be further simple.

Straining Yogurt: Whey and Greek Yogurt

Have you ever ever spotted that whilst you open a container of yogurt, there’s typically a yellowish transparent liquid on most sensible? That’s referred to as whey. It separates naturally from the yogurt and may also be stirred proper again in once more.

On the other hand, if you happen to deliberately pressure the whey off you get Greek yogurt. Yup, that’s in point of fact the one distinction between common yogurt and Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has been strained. The result’s a thicker creamier yogurt.

Whey comprises reasonably just a little of lactose in addition to calcium and somewhat protein and likewise some probiotics. It has a large number of makes use of, so don’t throw it out! As it is stuffed with really useful probiotics I take advantage of it for all my lacto-fermentation recipes. Listed here are one of the most techniques I take advantage of it:

Additionally, it may be used to acidify the soil round acid-loving vegetation like blueberry trees!

Learn extra about acid whey and its makes use of right here.

Making Yogurt Fruit Dip

To pressure yogurt, put the yogurt right into a nut milk bag and hold it from a kitchen cupboard. You’ll want to put a bowl underneath it to catch the dripping whey! You’ll be able to additionally like a mesh strainer with a cheesecloth or nut milk bag and position the strainer over a bowl.

The period of time for straining and there’s in point of fact no option to get it unsuitable. I simply pressure it till it’s as thick as I really like, despite the fact that that implies leaving it in a single day. Don’t fear about making it too thick, as a result of you’ll be able to all the time simply stir somewhat whey again in once more to skinny it out if want be.

As soon as the yogurt is strained, whisk in some honey and vanilla extract and it’s executed! Serve with no matter contemporary end result you’ve gotten readily available and the children will dig in! For some explanation why, telling them to grasp an apple to snack on doesn’t attraction to them just about up to sliced apples and a bowl of yogurt dip!


Creamy Yogurt Fruit Dip

This fruit dip constituted of creamy yogurt is so easy to make. Slightly tangy with a slightly of sweetness, it’s filled with probiotics.


  • Line a mesh strainer with a cheesecloth or nut milk bag.

  • Position the strainer over a bowl.

  • Pour the two cups of yogurt into the cheesecloth and make allowance it to pressure for 2-12 hours.

  • After straining pour the thickened yogurt right into a bowl and whisk within the honey and vanilla extract.

  • Serve with fruit and revel in!


The liquid strained from the yogurt is whey. It’s top in calcium and can be utilized in lacto-fermentation to make recipes like salsa, beet kvass, probiotic lemonade, and extra!

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