Can You In point of fact Use Milk of Magnesia to Shrink Your Pores?


We idea we’d heard all of it on TikTok—baking soda facials, capsules that tan your pores and skin and hydrocolloid bandages for zits—however the newest viral skin-care tip is person who comes to a laxative.

TikTok consumer Tabetha Wallace went viral at the app not too long ago along with her advice to make use of milk of magnesia to reduce the glance of huge pores. Whilst this DIY follow is new to us, using milk of magnesia as a make-up primer is person who has made the rounds previously. We’ve by no means heard of it used for massive pores, so we needed to examine.

“Whilst you put it for your pores and skin, milk of magnesia soaks up and inhibits the manufacturing of extra oil,” says Saddle Brook, NJ dermatologist Dr. Frederic Haberman. “And is the reason why this will likely paintings for some individuals who have pores and skin that produces extra oils than other folks with dry or standard pores and skin; oily pores and skin additionally has a tendency to have huge pores.”

“In powder shape, the principle component magnesium hydroxide does draw in oil and that’s why this can be a degreaser,” says New York dermatologist Heidi A. Waldorf, MD. “On the other hand, milk of magnesia isn’t in a base this is intended for pores and skin. It’s in a base that’s intended for the intestine. Making use of it to the face is a recipe for inflammation or even touch dermatitis.”

Ultimate verdict? Whilst it will paintings for some in a pinch, we’re going to cross in this chalky development and achieve for our pore minimizing toners and serums as an alternative.

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