aljohara jeje captures primitive huts fabricated from recycled waste + wooden


Aljohara Jeje gifts ‘a room with seaview’ at archifoto 2022


Jeddah-based photographer Aljohara Jeje captures primitive houses produced by way of illiterate sea salt harvesters in a Saudi Arabian village. Titled ‘a Room with Seaview’, the sequence is considered one of 5 shortlisted entries for the 2022 version of the Archifoto festival exploring the theme of ‘Structure and Sources.’ Via spotlighting this structure, the images mirror a definite tradition whilst posing a cynical observation at the geopolitical demanding situations of local weather trade, difficulties of immigrant exertions, and strategies of establishing with scarce fabrics. As such, the constructions of ‘a Room with Seaview’ are made the usage of recycled waste, development merchandise, and driftwood in distinctive compositions, expressing the sensibilities in their designers and resourceful innovation.

‘a Room with Seaview’ | all pictures by way of Aljohara Jeje



Spotlighting primitive structure by way of sea salt harvesters


Aljohara Jeje’s sequence spotlights constructions in a sea-salt-flats village in Saudi Arabia, posing a harsh operating and residing setting and subject matter shortage. Those houses had been deliberate, designed, and built by way of migrant sea salt harvesters, which the photographer refers to as ‘autodidact architects.’ In spite of being primitive and fundamental in shape, the person houses fabricated from recycled driftwood and discarded development fabrics specific a semblance of distinct character mirroring their makers’ personality, tastes, and personal tastes.


The venture’s identify, ‘a Room with Seaview’, poses a cynical and significant observation on our fresh fashions of residing in an an increasing number of divided global. If additional touches upon the tough social and geographical affects of local weather trade that doesn’t discriminate and is aware of no geopolitical bounds. ‘Right here on the sea-salt-flats, survival is an artwork,’ notes the photographer‘Through the years, those houses are both deserted or destroyed as they succumb to nature or human intervention. Within the cruelest environments our planet harbors to human beings, pushed aside carpets as soon as serving cushy ft, consumer-waste commercials, tarpaulins with well-known manufacturers, and plastics of any sort serve as as isolation,’ she continues.

aljohara jeje captures primitive homes made of recycled construction materials + driftwood
Aljohara Jeje’s sequence spotlights constructions positioned in a sea-salt-flats village in Saudi Arabia





The sequence has been produced for the Archifoto festival, which seeks to fortify hyperlinks between structure and pictures. For this yr’s version, Aljohara Jeje was once considered one of 5 award-winning artists decided on to showcase in accordance with the theme ‘Structure and Sources.’ ‘Structure is well known for recording our cultures and reflecting who we’re or need to be. However what it method to constitute us all might be grasped correctly as a design drawback. No different artform showcases extra concretely how folks are living, paintings, and socialize all over the world’, explains the photographer. In the meantime, the query of assets is pressingly a a very powerful subject lately. An increasing number of, city planners and designers are experimenting with tactics to construct another way, excited about new practices appropriate to the development and career of house. 

aljohara jeje captures primitive homes made of recycled construction materials + driftwood
the simplistic constructions are made essentially the usage of driftwood

aljohara jeje captures primitive homes made of recycled construction materials + driftwood
the photographs discover the theme of ‘Structure and Sources’ for Archifoto 2022

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