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Are you a burgeoning fashionista? Learn this record to get your clothes terminology proper! Be informed your model phrases from A to Z, and flex your sartorial muscle tissues!


[eɪ laɪn]

The A-line reduce is used to explain a skirt or get dressed with a slender best and a much broader hem, forming a silhouette within the form of the letter “A.” Christian Dior is credited with popularizing this silhouette within the 50s.

B ppgirl-tieback-pintucktrim-mini-babydoll-dress


[beɪ.bi dɑːl]

The babydoll is at the start characterised via a loose-fit silhouette with a accrued skirt and knee-length hem. The silhouette used to be designed in 1942 via American clothier Sylvia Pedlar as an economical nightgown throughout WWII. The time period used to be popularized via the film Child Doll in 1956, regardless that Pedlar didn’t if truth be told like this coined time period!

C dabagirl-cowlneck-satin-blouse

Cover Neck

[kaʊl nɛk]

Reduce at the bias grain of a cloth, a cover neck drapes elegantly over the collarbone, growing cushy, rounded folds. This taste used to be popularized within the 1930s when it gave the impression on the front and back of silk robes.

D rolarola-drawstringwaist-glenplaid-blazer



Also known as a drawcord, a drawstring is continuously used on a waistband. When pulled, it creates a cinched-in impact. The “string” can range from a tonal tie to tape, and is inserted via a tunnel or loop design.

E sincethen-spaghetti-strap-lace-a-line-dress

Empire Line

[em.paɪr laɪn]

The empire line is sometimes called the empire silhouette, empire waist or just empire. The silhouette has a fitted bodice reducing proper underneath the bust for an ideal high-waist glance. This taste used to be in particular widespread in Europe throughout Napoleon’s reign within the early 19th century.

F sincethen-set-strappy-crop-top-highwaist-shorts

Flounce Hem

[flaʊns hɛm] 

A flounce is a separate panel of material that provides quantity to a design. In most cases added to the hem of the garment, the flounce has a clean, ungathered best and is complete and wider on the backside. To not be puzzled with a ruffle, which is accrued on best!

G liphop-band-waist-gingham-boot-cut-pants-black-one-size



Gingham is a light-weight cloth, normally manufactured from cotton, that’s identified for its checked trend. The fabric is continuously used for spring and summer season put on. The identify is assumed to originate from the Malayan phrase genggang that means striped. The unique cloth emerged from Southeast Asia and may also be outstanding via the dyed yarn woven into the material.

H sincethen-long-sleeve-cold-shoulder-open-back-maxi-a-line-dress



A halter neck is a triangular neckline normally held up with a string or a work of material that is going across the neck or to a separate panel at the again. The time period is derived from the German phrase “halter,” this means that “to be held.”

I sezwick-invertedpleat-hline-midi-skirt

Inverted Pleat

[ɪnˈvɜː.tɪd pliːt]

An inverted pleat is a pleat with folded cloth edges which are positioned in opposition to every different, growing an area beneath. This design is continuously used on skirts to create quantity and make allowance for ease of motion.

J rolarola-puff-sleeve-pocket-detail-buckled-jumpsuit-pink-one-size



The only-piece garment is composed of a best and trousers, normally with a button-up within the middle entrance. The unique jumpsuit used to be an army piece utilized by parachuters for its easy-to-wear and protecting design.

K chuu-a-line-mini-pleat-skirt-black-one-size

Knife Pleat

[nʌɪf pliːt]

Knife pleats are sharply pressed overlapping pleats going through one course. The design, which may also be traced again to the 16th century, used to be continuously utilized in tandem with smocking to create quantity. Knife pleats are actually recurrently observed on mini skirts and clothes.

L rolarola-double-breasted-checked-jacket



Lapels are folded entrance edges recurrently discovered on formal outerwear corresponding to jackets and coats. Its foundation dates to the 18th century in menswear. Coats again then had excessive necklines and collars, that have been became down when the wearer felt heat. The kind of lapels we continuously see these days changed into a commonplace fixture via the Victorian generation.

M deepny-puffsleeve-ruffled-long-floral-dress

Mutton Sleeves

[ˈmʌt(ə)n sliːv]

Often referred to as the leg of mutton sleeve, this design has a bulbous shoulder, normally via amassing or pleating, and tapers all the way down to the wrist. In particular trendy within the 1820s, mutton sleeves are coming round again due to the cottagecore pattern.

N rolarola-sailorcollar-plaid-jacket-with-belt

Norfolk Jacket

[ˈnɔːfək ˈdʒakɪt]

The English county of Norfolk is credited because the foundation of this jacket. The vintage looking jacket may also be outstanding via its tweed cloth, single-breasted design, tonal waist tie and pleats within the again. Norfolk jackets now are reasonably much less intricate and feature a smoother silhouette.

O liphop-turtleneck-seamdetail-top



Overlock is a kind of sewing seam end finished via an overlocker or serger system. The seams are pressed with sewing over the uncooked fringe of the material, making a clean, blank end.

P rolarola-piped-bonnet-hat



Piping is a separate panel of material continuously used at the hem or edges as a trim to outline or beef up the strains of the garment’s silhouette. It’s normally made with bias binding for a clean end, and may also be used with cording for extra textural impact.

Q rolarola-multiway-sailorcollar-quilted-jacket



Quilted cloth is made up of 2 or extra layers of material with light-weight batting in between, which might be all historically sewn in conjunction with a diamond or geometric sew trend. The layers of material and batting are insulating, making this taste widespread in coats, jackets and a wide variety of iciness put on.

R rolarola-raglansleeve-letterprinted-cropped-tshirt

Raglan Sleeves

[ˈraɡlən sliːv]

This sleeve taste extends the entire technique to the neckline and creates a diagonal reduce from the armpit to the neck. It’s continuously used on sports wear because it supplies ease of motion. The raglan sleeve is called after the first Baron Raglan, a 19th century British commander who misplaced his arm in battle; the sleeve used to be particularly designed for him.

S sincethen-spaghetti-strap-floral-print-a-line-midi-dress

Spaghetti Straps

[spəˈɡɛti straps]

Spaghetti straps are skinny, subtle shoulder straps that resemble spaghetti! They’re continuously used on camisoles in addition to summery tops and clothes.

T liphop-pleather-panel-double-breasted-trench-coat-with-belt-beige

Trench Coat

[trɛn(t)ʃ kəʊt] 

The vintage trench coat is comprised of sturdy cotton drill or different water resistant cloth, and includes a tonal belt, hurricane flaps and epaulets. It used to be at the start made for the British military via Thomas Burberry within the early 20th century.

U liphop-uneck-rolledge-tank-top


[juː nek] 

Often referred to as a scoop neck, the U-neck is a neckline formed just like the letter “U.” This neckline is continuously used on T-shirts and jersey clothes.

V sincethen-floral-print-corduroy-midi-pencil-skirt



Like air vents, vents on clothes permit the clothes to “breathe” and feature abundant area for motion. Vents are continuously designed within the middle again of pencil skirts and jackets, so the garment can give a figure-hugging silhouette with out limiting the wearer’s motion.

W nain-singlebreasted-cotton-blazer

Welt Wallet

[wɛlt ˈpɒkɪt] 

Welt wallet are continuously featured at the chest of adapted jackets. Those in-set wallet are certain via cloth to beef up the hole of the pocket for sturdiness and aesthetic functions. Welt wallet designed with two certain facets are referred to as double welt wallet or jetted wallet.

X liphop-puffsleeve-pintuckwaist-mini-dress


[eks lʌɪn]

The X-line silhouette is sometimes called the hourglass. Clothes with this reduce put an emphasis on large shoulders, narrow waist and flared hips.

Y rolarola-frilled-tie-neck-shirred-blouse-cream-one-size



A yoke is maximum recurrently observed on shirts as a panel alongside the shoulder and neckline that prevents excessive above the bust line. It occasionally seems on skirts as a separate panel simply above the hips. Conventional yokes supply construction to a garment, particularly when the ground part is manufactured from a lighter subject matter. The design is now continuously used as an ornamental part.

Z newin-unisex-multipocket-zipper-vest-cargo-shorts

Zipper Pull

[ˈzɪpə pʊl] 

The zipper pull is strictly what it feels like. Fabricated from steel, a cloth loop or a twine, this crucial a part of the zipper lets you pull the zipper tooth open and closed.

Now you recognize your model ABCs! 

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